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Formula 1 will force all its drivers to be vaccinated this season

You can also learn from the experiences of others, at least that is what the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the Formula 1 when they observe from afar everything that happened in Australia with the number one in tennis, Novak Djokovic, and his deportation for not being vaccinated. After two years of absence due to the Covid-19, it is expected that the competition that had Max Verstappen as the last champion, he can return to Melbourne where he has not competed since 2019, since in 2020 the race was canceled a day earlier due to the pandemic.

To compete in this season it will be required that all pilots are vaccinatedJoe Portlock – Formula 1 – Formula 1

Nearly 2,000 people are planning to travel to each of the 23 stages this season, and one of them is the Australian city, where the government requires that all international athletes who visit it are fully vaccinated. This requirement is also shared by countries like England, with the appointment of Silverstone, and the United States with Miami as a rookie and Austin.

The head of F1, Stefano Domenicali, assured that in the last FIA World Council it was voted to make the vaccination of all personnel compulsory. “Having finished the 2021 season with all 22 races makes us cautiously optimistic. about what the start of the 2022 season should be like, where the coronavirus is still in force. Because It is no coincidence that the mandatory testing of the vaccine for all F1 personnel ″.

Although most of the drivers that make up F1 are vaccinated, there are always exceptions. Due to his public statements, the pilot of the medical car, Alan Van der Merwe, decided not to get vaccinated and has already been infected twice with Covid-19. “I am aware that I will have fewer opportunities to work and that my freedom of movement will be restricted based on my decision. Just because I’ve decided not to choose comfort over my own health, doesn’t mean I’m making selfish decisions. We all want to be healthy”, explained the South African pilot on his Twitter account.

Alan Van der Merwe, the driver of the F1 medical carClive Mason – Formula 1 – Formula 1

In December of last year, F1 launched the campaign “Do your part, get vaccinated” where several drivers and the general director of the competition give encouraging messages encouraging people to vaccinate and making them aware of the importance of it.

For now, all the pilots that are part of the competition have shown themselves in favor of vaccination, nobody wants to stay out of Australia, as happened to Nole.

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