Formula 1 World Cup and the end with pacemakers – Juventud Rebelde

Even in defeat, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton hit the tires on their cars. They are stuck together, very close together, as if the

Even in defeat, and hit the tires on their cars. They are stuck together, very close together, as if they were two branches of the same bush, and their fierce rivalry has kept them all year on a shared peak. If one takes off, the other accelerates. They live the racing frenzy to the fullest. If the clues spoke, songs about such a duel could be sung in the future.

The World Cup season threatens to bend to the defining straight and both and are pushing harder than ever to achieve an advantage that could offer them the throne at the end of all races. This last Sunday, for example, the Austrian team cut the differences of its greatest exponent with the leader Hamilton in one fell swoop, putting the Mexican Checo Pérez in order to block the competition from the British.

In the end, in the Grand Prix of Turkey, neither Tyrians nor Trojans could smile from the top, or what is the same, neither Verstappen nor Hamilton obtained the first place and the maximum points in dispute for the overall accumulated. However, the standings turned upside down and it was enough for the Dutchman to enter second across the finish line to unseat Lewis and become the new world leader with 262.5 points, six more than his bitter opponent.

Of course, in Instambul Park Valtteri Bottas widened the difference of Mercedes (433.5 units) with respect to Red Bull (397.5) in the constructors’ ranks, both well away from third place, McLaren Mercedes (240). However, on the individual level there was no room for calm and there was a tumble of the top positions, especially with the collective dynamics established by both teams to torpedo the circuits to the main figures of the opposite.

Of the Latin Americans in the running, the Aztec Sergio Pérez marches in a creditable fifth place in the general classification, a remarkable result if one also looks at the races endorsed in each of this year’s Grand Prix. Checo has been a fundamental piece for Red Bull’s sub-leadership and almost guaranteed – why not? – a renewal with the distinguished team.

Still, in any case, there are many kilometers to go, even if they are less and the campaign – edition 72 of the Formula 1 World Championship, by the way – is on its way to twilight. Right now, there are six circuits awaiting the dizzying car contest: Texas, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Melbourne, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Once overcome, we can then assess the outcome.

A daring prediction would elevate Hamilton, the legendary Hamilton, once again to the top. The bold would grant a vote of confidence to the irreverent Verstappen. There are dishes for all tastes. And authentic delicacies. The table is set: bon appétit.