Francisco the First Dates boxer who goes crazy with women

The Catalan assured that just as he knocks out his opponents with blows, he does it with women through his charmsTo the restaurant of First Da

The Catalan assured that just as he knocks out his opponents with blows, he does it with women through his charms

To the restaurant of First Dates I arrive Francisco, a boxer fan who ensures that just as he knocks down his rivals in the ring, he does it with women through his gallantry. The Catalan She came in with the 1000% conviction that she would be successful on her date, claiming to have everything an average woman wants in a man.

But not only did his ego go through the roof when it came to the art of seduction, he also has it in the sport What a practice, ensuring that having reached the professionalism, would be the Mohamed Ali Spanish. “Some of the great boxers of our country are because they have fought with me at some time,” said the diner with all the faith in the world.

The boxer assured that if he had continued in professionalism, he would be Mohamed Ali of Spain.

In addition to declaring himself the best amateur boxer in Spain, Francisco revealed a little secret in First Dates

The diner did not save anything in his presentation, and in addition to describing his profile as a heartthrob and seducer, he also admitted that he is unfaithful by nature for the same reason. The man from Barcelona says that his meat is quite weak, and the same way that women rain on him, he cannot contain himself. “My last relationship ended when I was caught with two women in bed.”

The man says that he works on that problem, but it is difficult for him because according to him, his gaze leaves the women in “KO” However, the effect had no effect on Mireia, who no longer saw his way of being, since I knew how the date would end. The diner arrived at the bar, and Francisco did not let her arrive when he was already giving her a turn to see her body. A detail that the girl did not like.

From the beginning Mireia knew that the First Dates appointment would not be successful with the Boxer

That little detail would mark the evening from then on. Mireia knew that she was not going to have positive results with Francisco, but she still decided to take advantage of his presence at the restaurant. At dinner they touched on various topics, while the boxer in many desperate attempts to use his seduction technique, failed to captivate even 10% of the diner.

In the final decision, Francisco acknowledged that Mireia was everything he was looking for in a date, and that he would love to repeat the evening with different results. For her part, the woman acknowledged that although she did not have a bad time, it was not what she expected either. Apparently the seductive effect of the boxer, does not work in front of the cameras, or the diner is immune to its charms.