Free golf school started

Last Tuesday at Salto Golf Club began the sowing of future athletes who in a short time will have to prominen

Last Tuesday at Salto Golf Club began the sowing of future athletes who in a short time will have to prominently represent golf from Salto throughout Uruguay – and why not, also at an international level, as frequently happens with born in this blessed land in almost all sports disciplines.
This first class was attended by about twelve children, of both sexes and of various ages – from 6 to 10 years old – students from different schools, both public and private. Remember that the little school is completely free, that it is for all schoolchildren who wish to join, and that no element is required (the club provides all the necessary elements), being in charge of two experienced Argentine teachers. Classes are every Tuesday, starting at 5:00 p.m. The form of participation is simply to register via the web, accessing the site: Saltogolfclub.uy/ESCUELITA/ where the form in question is found.
The 5th date of the 2022 Salteño Championship also took place last weekend, with the participation of 20 players in its four classic categories (two Beginners playing 9 holes, and two Advanced playing 18 holes). In Cat. Beginner Ladies, Sarita Bortagaray (66 hits) won, followed by Martha Cunha (70 hits); in Cat. Ladies Advanced, Graciela Viettro (78 strokes) was crowned again, seconded by María Elena de Garrou (100 strokes); in Cat. Gentlemen Beginners, debutant Daniel de Brum (57 strokes) was champion, just ahead of the second Juan Carlos Abarno and Jacinto Sant’Anna (both with 58 strokes); and in Advanced Knights Cat the note was given by Enzo Supparo (51 hits) leaving far behind those who seconded him José Miguel Carcabelos and Eduardo Manuel Álvarez (both with 69 hits). Such results produced two novelties worthy of great highlight: on the one hand, with three dates to go, Graciela Viettro has already been crowned Champion of Salteña 2022 in the Advanced Ladies Cat. – the advantage she has in the annual table is undisputed; and on the other, the youthful Enzo Supparo, who has only been playing golf for four months, not only won his first title playing no less than Cat. Advanced Gentlemen, but he also did so with an incredible score and setting a new record for championship.