Freelancers in F1? this is how the race goes

The goodbye of pilots like Checo Pérez? According to Aruna Ravichandran, vice president and CMO of Cisc

The goodbye of pilots like Checo Pérez?

According to Aruna Ravichandran, vice president and CMO of Cisco, immersive experiences are a reality that is first reaching the telecommuting scale, but little by little it is impacting other industries.

“We have seen that it is possible to have calls in our cars, or start creating experiences in the metaverse to communicate, something that will impact the way we consume and interact with our environment,” Ravichandran said in the demo.

These experiences can materialize in technologies such as the Indy project, which is driving innovation not only by companies, but also by university students around the world.

“It’s an innovation challenge across 21 global universities competing for $1.5 million in prize money and the chance to autonomously drive a Dallara AV-21 Indy race car at Indy Motor Speedway. The money and the career are really exciting,” says Vikas Bunany, general manager of IoT at Cisco. He says part of the benefits of this push is the option to see pilotless vehicles and a focus on the Internet of Things industry.

Although the tests have been successful, the reality of making decisions in a race like Formula 1 requires the expertise of a driver. However, the impact it could have on automated product innovation for verticals like manufacturing or logistics is relevant to Cisco.

In addition to this demonstration, the firm signed a new collaboration with the McLaren team that consists of improving the team’s technological infrastructure on the day they carry out the races on the track, as well as to connect with fans from all over the world.

With the expanded relationship, McLaren will have Cisco’s full portfolio of solutions at its disposal: enterprise networking, Wi-Fi, digital signage and collaboration.

“Cisco has been an incredible partner for McLaren Racing, and we are delighted to extend and grow this long-term relationship,” said Claire Cronin, McLaren Racing Marketing Director.

Throughout 2021, this partnership will enable emerging technology solutions such as Webex Hologram to help McLaren create virtual experiences that bring fans and partners even closer to the action on the track.

Although the pilot to create holograms was originally focused on telecommuting, the application of this solution is also having an impact on entertainment.