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From winning the NBA to professional boxing: the revenge of his ‘sex, mobbing and video tapes’ in the Lakers

Nick Youngformer player who was champion in 2018 with the Golden State Warriorshas decided jump into professional boxing…although he has to postpone his debut match.

The popular Swaggy P, who is 37 years old and left the NBA in December 2018, has seen how Suspended his media boxing match against rapper Blueface scheduled at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles.

“Blueface is too busy getting his ass out of the ring so who wants to take his place?” Nick Young tweeted.

Blueface is too busy getting his ass out of the ring, so who wants to take his place?

Nick Young

The reason for the suspension of the fight is that Blueface did not obtain a boxing license from the California State Athletic Commission in time.

Recently Blueface also fell from the famous KSI night at the O2 in London, in which he should have faced FaZe Temperrr.

Nick Young wants to close old NBA quarrels by boxing: he does not forget the controversy of sex, ‘mobbing’ and videos in the Lakers

What is clear to Nick Young is the NBA player he would like to fight in a boxing match: “D’Angelo Russell”.

Nick Young has not forgiven him the current Minnesota Timberwolves player to take a video of him, which was later leaked, in which ‘Swaggy P’ acknowledged in ‘Sex Gate’ that he had been unfaithful to Iggy Azalea and that it cost him his relationship with the singer.

Nick Young also acknowledges that he would like to fight in a ring with “some teammates from the Lakers and Warriors and with Luke Walton (his coach in the Lakers) … who he left KO in the first round.”

Nick Young: “I don’t want to be a meme and I intend to reach the top in boxing”

Deron Williams and Nate Robinson are the last two former NBA players to hang up their boots to fight in professional celebrity boxing.

“I’ve been training for a while and I’m not going to go into the ring being an animal and throwing wild punches. I’m going to surprise a couple of people,” Nick Young said in published words. ‘Sports Illustrated’ about his leap into boxing.

What worries Nick Young (2.01 m.) the most is giving an image in the ring like Nate Robinson, who lost by KO against Jake Paul: “I can’t get it out of my head… Nate hasn’t recovered and nothing is heard from him. You don’t want to be a meme, you don’t want to be known for that. You’ve been playing basketball your whole life and now Nate is known for being the guy who got knocked out. I prepared myself for stuff like this, so I hope to get to the top.”

I want to see how far I can go with this, but I don’t see myself fighting a heavyweight because they hit harder than most people.

Nick Young

“I want to see how far I can go with this, but I don’t see myself fighting a heavyweight because they hit harder than most people,” he admitted.

Nick Young’s career in the NBA

Nick Young, who played 12 seasons in the NBA pocketing more than 40 million dollars, retired averaging 11.4 points playing for the Wizards, Clippers, Sixers, Lakers, Warriors and Nuggets.

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