Fuengirola, NBA franchise

Fuengirola has been a small NBA franchise this past week. Embassythe installation created in the Costa del Sol city by the

has been a small this past week. Embassythe installation created in the Costa del Sol city by the City Council and promoted by Berni Rodriguez and Jose Manuel Calderon in the zone of The Higueronhas welcomed more than a dozen players from the best league in the world, who have trained in facilities with all the comforts and tools available to the players and later they have also been able to enjoy the benefits of summer in the Costa del Sol. “A retreat for players made up of basketball training and cultural activities”, was defined by the NBPA, the powerful players’ union, which is the organization with which the agreement was reached for this group of players to come to Spain, in an experience pioneer outside the USA and that it is intended to have overtones of continuity. José Manuel Calderón previously worked at the NBPA, although he now works for Cleveland Cavaliers.

A group of 65 people, divided into players, coaches and physios and sponsors, has made up the expedition that has been for a week in Fuengirola. The number of foreign players in the NBA already exceeds 25% and the percentage is growing. The NBPA saw a good opportunity to expand its brand abroad as well. Berni Rodríguez was in the United States months ago to close the agreement, which has also had the support of the Andalusian Government.

“The Sanctuary”, the Sanctuarywas how the NBPA baptized the facility, through which several NBA All Stars have paraded, such as a Lithuanian from Torremolinos, Domas Sabonis. The Unicaja youth squad, who trained at Los Guindos from the ages of 5 to 18, usually comes to Malaga every summer. He will return, in fact, with the Lithuanian national team in a couple of weeks, they will do a short stay before playing with Spain in Gran Canaria in preparation for the Eurobasket. Already a father at 26, he changed Indiana for Sacramentwhere he hopes to help rebuild the team.

The most mediatic player was Jaylene Brown. Another All Star and one of the Boston Celtics figures, curiously at a time when a trade with the Nets for Kevin Durant was rumored. Brown, who speaks broken Spanish, was captivated by his friendliness and was very friendly with the boys from the 675 Academy directed by Berni Rodríguez, who helped him pass balls and to whom he gave a talk.

Work sessions alternated weights and track and also individual work, the track was available almost 24 hours, with group. Due to the agreement, the players cannot play games with a scoreboard and referees in the summer, but they can party. The level, according to those who saw them, was very high. There were also some illustrious visitors such as that of the Puerto Rican singer Ozuna, a great basketball fan who gave a concert at the Starlite in Marbella.

The list of players included, for example, an NBA champion this season, the 20-year-old Congolese JNathan Kumingapart of the rotation of the Warriors. Also two former ACB. one now in Dallas Mavericksthe former of baskonia Davis Bertansand another in Utah Jazzthe former Barcelona player Leandro Bolmaro. And the interior pair in the Lithuanian national team of Domas Sabonis, Jonas Valanciunas, with a long history in the League and now in New Orleans Pelicans. Immanuel Quickley, young man who completed a good season with New-York; the Portuguese pivot neemia quetacompanion of Domas in Sacrament; the Angolan Bruno Ferdinand, inside Houston Rockets; and the veteran Mason Plumlee, center of the Charlotte Hornets are other NBA players present.

They were also jeremy sochanAmerican power forward of Polish descent who has been chosen at number nine in the draft by the San Antonio Spurs and Scott Hendersonan 18-year-old point guard who plays in the G-League with the Ignite project, who is compared to Derrick Rose and Westbrook for his physique and who is placed in the number two position of the next 2023 draft behind the French unicorn Victor Wembanyama. That said, Fuengirola was a small NBA franchise. Now the selection of China masculine and soon the feminine one will also come.