Fury in the North vibrates with two titles in Poli

August 5, 2022 - 00:10 With two professional titles in dispute, today – at 8:50 pm – the “Furia en el Norte” festival will take place at the “

Fury in the North vibrates with two titles in Poli

August 5, 2022 – 00:10

With two professional titles in dispute, today – at 8:50 pm – the “Furia en el Norte” festival will take place at the “Fray Mamerto Esquiú” Sports Center. Sponsored by the Government of the Province and broadcast by TyC Sports Play and TyC Sports, the billboard will have as a background the presentations of the brothers Pablo “Pacman” (11-0 with 1 Ko) and Gabriel “El Terrible” Corzo (16-0 with 3 Ko), both prepared by DT Joel Corzo and the “Elvis Boxing” gym, who will fight for two international titles.

“Pacman”, on the occasion, will make the second defense of the WBA Fedelatin Super Middleweight title against Tucuman Facundo “Paco” Galovar (14-7-2 with 9 Ko), in a ten-round duel.

“Pacman”, who is also a WBC Latino Super Middleweight Silver and WBC Fedelatin Silver Cruiser titleholder, comes from defeating Colombian Alexi Rivera by TKO3 in June of this year in Santa Fe, in the first exhibition.

The title was obtained by TKO3 against the Ecuadorian Roger Guerrero in March of this year at Luna Park (Buenos Aires).

While Gabriel, who is the WBA Fedebol Welterweight champion, will seek to win the WBO Latino Superwelterweight title by meeting Walter “Pachu” Castillo (15-6 with 3 KOs) from Chubut, in an underweight fight.

The oldest of the Corzo arrives with a victory over Juan Lucero from Buenos Aires by TKO3 in San Lorenzo (Santa Fe) on May 13 last, in his previous presentation.

other fights

The evening will be complemented by the presence of the locals Darío “El Tigre” Nieva (2-2 with 1 Ko), Alexis “Fenómeno” Apaza (1-0′), Ailén “La Monita” Romero (rookie) and Katy “La Steel Barbie” It snows (2-4).

Nieva, in Medium, will clash against Samuel “Diamante” López (0-3) from Tucuman, four rounds long. He apaza, in turn, will fight with Luciano Chacón from Mendoza (1-0 with 1 Ko), in Mosca.

And in a local duel, in Superpluma, Ailén “La Monita” Romero and Katy “La Barby de Acero” Nieva will face each other in four episodes.

It should be noted that during the official weigh-in there was a crossing and an exchange of blows between Galovar’s coach and Gabriel Corzo, which luckily did not go too far.


The festival will begin with three amateur fights with local boxers where the presence of the Provincial champion Agustín “Pibe de Oro” Navarro, among others, stands out.

The event is promoted by Osvaldo Rivero (OR Promotions) and will be attended by authorities from the Argentine Boxing Federation (FAB) and the Catamarca Boxing Federation.

It should be noted that tickets will cost $500 popular in advance and $800 popular at the festival and $1,000 ring side in advance and $1,500 at the event.



Cat. Super middle. For WBA Fedelatin title.

Pablo “Pacman” Corzo (76,200 Kg.) vs. Facundo “Paco” Galovar (76,200 Kg., Tucumán),

Cat. Superwelter. For WBO Latin Title

Gabriel “The Terrible” Corzo (69,800 Kg.) vs. Walter “Pachu” Castillo (69,300 kg, Chubut).

Medium Cat.

Darío “El Tigre” Snows (71,500 Kg.) vs. Samuel “Diamond” López (72,100 Kg., Tucumán).

cat fly

Alexis “Phenomenon” Apaza (50,800 Kg.) vs. Luciano Chacon (49,500 kg, Mendoza).

Cat. Super featherweight

Ailen “La Monita” Romero (58,800 Kg.) vs. Katy “The Steel Barby” Snows (58,800 Kg.).


Cat. up to 60 Kg.: Agustín “Pibe de Oro” Navarro (DT Ramón Navarro) vs. Nahuel “Spicy” Vega (DT Joel Corzo).

Cat. up to 60 Kg.: Agustín Assante (DT Raúl Figueroa) vs. Agustín “Percha” Herrera (DT José Sánchez).

Cat. up to 64 Kg.: Lucas “Bombardero” Cativa (DT Darío López) vs. Gustavo “Monaguillo” Snow (DT Julio Apaza).


18-Amateur boxers arrive at the “FME” Sports Center.

18.15-Weigh-in of amateur boxers.

19-Amateur fights begin:

Lucas “Bomber” Cativa vs. Gustavo “Altar Boy” Snows; Agustin Assante vs. Agustín “Percha” Herrera and Agustín “Pibe de Oro” Navarro vs. Nahuel “Spicy” Vega.

20-15- Ring empty.

Television “boxing de Primera”.

20.45-Air Boxing First in TyC Sports Play.

20.50-Ailén “Monita” Romero vs. Katy “Barby de Acero” Snows 4×2 (live).

Next: Darío “Tigre” Snows vs. Samuel “Diamond” López 4×3 (live).

21.45-Ring empty.

22-Air First Boxing on TV.

05.22-Alexis “Phenomenon” Apaza vs. Luciano Chacón 4×3 (alive).

Next: Gabriel “Terrible” Corzo vs. Walter “Pachu” Castillo 10×3 (alive).

Next: Pablo “Pacman” Corzo vs. Facundo “Paco” Galovar 10×3 (live), with “Card of the People”. The fight is for the WBA Fedelatin Super Middleweight title.