G Lounge, the largest indoor golf in Latin America

Playing golf has become one of the favorite hobbies of many Colombians and for a couple of months this sport can be practiced regardless of the wea

Playing has become one of the favorite hobbies of many Colombians and for a couple of months this sport can be practiced regardless of the weather or the time and from an 11th floor in the north of Bogotá. It is , the largest course in Latin America located at Calle 140 with 11. The experience of the establishment is not limited to practicing this sport, as the place also has a first-rate gastronomic proposal.

In the process of setting up G Lounge, the creators of the place decided to accompany it with a haute cuisine restaurant. To do this, they contacted Álvaro Clavijo, chef at El Chato (the best restaurant in Colombia according to 50’s Best magazine), and Gonzalo Marín (internationally awarded bartender) to start working on the restaurant concept.

In addition, the project has the expertise of Jeferson García, executive chef, who has returned to Colombia after spending 10 years in the best kitchens in the world. García and Clavijo brought together their international experiences to create and manage Oda’s proposal.

“At Oda we seek to create a contemporary gastronomy and cocktail experience. In other words, a constant search for different techniques and flavors that lead to the creation of dishes that break with the country’s gastronomic paradigms ”, explained Jaime Giraldo, CEO and co-founder of the company.

Within Oda’s menu are dishes such as the Avocado Risotto, which is probably not offered anywhere else in the city. It is a dish made with avocado, Parmesan cheese, confit lemon and fresh cubes, an unconventional Risotto preparation.

There are also the Orellanas, made with baked mushroom puree, onion sauce and coastal serum (the latter, a very Colombian flavor). On the other hand, there are the Pork Ribs with oriental garnish, a creation based on the experience that the chef had in the best restaurant in Thailand.

Another of the dishes that has been very successful in these two months that Oda has been operating is the palm heart and avocado, made with the fresh bud of the coconut palm, açaí and chontaduro, products that we work with artisanal growers from Putumayo. In addition, beet powder is added, which is given a second use of the cuttings of this that are dehydrated and processed.

To maintain a varied and different offer, the chef allows chefs to invent new gastronomic proposals every Friday. Different tests of the dishes are made and if the members like it, it remains on the menu. Additionally, García is creating new dishes that are designed under international techniques, but with local products and flavors that appeal to the Colombian palate.

“The restaurant’s philosophy is to create dishes in a conscious, sustainable and different way. Conscious in understanding the gastronomic traditions of Colombia; sustainable in the useful life and respect that we give to artisan products and suppliers; and different in always being authentic with what we create ”, assured María Paula Giraldo, CFO and co-founder of G Lounge.

Likewise, the mixtures of distillates, spirits and ingredients are directed towards the tasting of cocktails with intention, since the Oda menu is endowed with original creations focused on different tastes, from the classics to the most risky; in addition to having a wide variety of liquors such as whiskey, agaves, gins, rums, wines, digestives and aperitifs.

Jorge Ortiz, CMO of the company, explained that people “will be able to come and try our different Odes (tastings of different liquors) and new cocktails. Likewise, in the kitchen we are doing tests with products that are very popular in Colombia used in unconventional preparations. I will not tell you more so that you can come and try it ”.

Two of the recommended cocktails are Pai Pai, which is composed of mezcal, Chartreuse, pineapple extract, lemon and sesame oil; and the Levitante, made of gin in black tea from Valle del Cauca with vergamot, lemon and albumen flowers.

G Lounge and Oda are open Monday through Saturday, from noon to midnight.