Gabriel Soto will now be a boxer

Gabriel will leave acting aside to get into the boxing ring with the aim of promot

Gabriel will leave acting aside to get into the boxing ring with the aim of promoting a charitable cause.

The actor, , will put aside the television forums for a moment and will put on his gloves to get into the ring, but this does not mean that he will depart from his profession, but rather that it will be a charity act.

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It will be on September 24, where he will star in a boxing match with the promoter Global Combat.

“I am very excited, very happy… we are going to do an exhibition fight, a boxing match and it will be focused on a donation, something important for society and I am very excited about that.”

Well, for a while now, Gabriel has focused on these types of projects:

“Many people know that I have a foundation called ‘Don’t throw in the towel’, that I support children, young people, to practice the sport of boxing.”

Also, Soto He mentioned that part of the profits will go to other foundations to continue supporting and thus promote the sport of boxing and .

The celebrity believes that through this type of activity a change can be made in society, as he has done, with 15 years of discipline.

“As I learned to box, I have learned to forge a little more, I think one of the main rules of boxing is to never go back.”

It is not yet known who the rival will be, but the artist wants it to be . On the other hand, his fiancee, Irina Baeva, showed him her support:

«He supports me, in fact he trains with me, he has been pushing me to change and in the type of that I am having, before I did a little weight training, I ran a little, right now we are already focused on learning, on a training program that she does herself, which is to gain a lot of resistance, strength and physical condition ».