Gallo Estrada trusts in the “resurrection” of Canelo, “but better in his weight”

Lto defeat of salt canelo lvarez in view of Dmitry Bivol On May 7, he surprised the entire boxing world. However, many specialists assure that thi

Lto defeat of salt canelo lvarez in view of Dmitry Bivol On May 7, he surprised the entire world. However, many specialists assure that this will not be the end of his career, but only a stumbling block and that in a short time he will recover his prestige intact.

One of them is the super flyweight world champion of the WBC, Francisco Gallo Estrada, who trusts in the resurgence of the boxer from Tapato, thanks to his discipline, but suggests that he maintain his natural weight, super middleweight, where he is already the undisputed champion “where he has already shown that he is invincible.”

In an interview with Izquierdazo, the fighter from Sonora, assured that:

Sal Álvarez doesn’t have many chances to stand out at light heavyweight, but at super middleweight he seems invincible and Canelo will get up

Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada

Note that although: “Your weight we already know is not 175 pounds”the best thing for him is to remain the undisputed champion of the super middleweight division, where no one could beat him. “Better going down to 168 pounds, which is where he is champion. I think that no one is going to beat him, really.”

Surprised by the loss against Bivol

El Gallo Estrada reiterated his surprise at the loss to Bivol, because Canelo had shown his ability to succeed against heavier opponents. “To be honest I was surprised. I had fought with Sergei Kovalev and with some other big weights and knocked them out.

But he explained that not much was known about Bivol’s boxing and the Russian knew how to manage his strategy to successfully defend his light heavyweight belt. WBA: “I was surprised, I hadn’t seen Bivol’s boxing. But the truth is he fought and fought very well. The strategy and obviously Bivol’s weight won”detail.

Despite this, the Sonoran reiterated that his Mexican colleague will be able to recover from that defeat, as he has done on other occasions. “He is a great fighter, with a lot of technique. He is also a strong fighter and discipline is what has carried him forward.”