Gary Stempel: “Panama is a team with beautiful football”

The former coach of the Panama and Águila national teams (2007), Gary Stempel, spoke to the microphones of the radio pro

The former coach of the Panama and Águila national teams (2007), Gary Stempel, spoke to the microphones of the radio program Güiri Güiri al Aire de El Gráfico to analyze the match of the canal team against El Salvador next Thursday at the Cuscatlán stadium.

Regarding the Panamanian team, Stempel He considered that his best moment is for this octagonal, taking into account that the channel team has a base of World Cup players, young players and a coach with a new game philosophy.

“I think it is a generation for now, a good mix of experienced players and more than all World Cup players, there are six or seven players who went to Russia who had that experience with Hernán Darío Gómez, plus the new players and the new one. coach, who comes with new ideas, a modern coach, with a European school, who got off to a good start in the qualifying rounds. ” Gary Stempel told reporters at the more round table.

He insisted that the feelings left by the Panama team after the first three dates of the octagonal are so good that he even said that in the Central American country they consider his team a serious candidate to qualify for Qatar 2022 “here in Panama the environment is that this selection is to go to the World Cup “.

He described “La Sele” as a team with beautiful football, adding the credits to coach Thomas Christiansen.

“I see a team that likes to handle the position of the ball, that is not afraid to come out from behind, it is not afraid to take risks, they have a coach who was in the Barcelona quarry and that’s where their philosophy comes from, their style of play and high pressure. Panama is a team with very colorful football, very intense, I think it has been seen in other CONCACAF teams like Canada, but Panama looks very balanced, “he said.

He ended by recalling his past in El Salvador with the Eagle, a team where he remembered having made great friends.

“I remember my time in San Miguel, with Águila meeting a good group of players, friends that I formed right there, I always keep looking at Águila and Salvadoran football.”