George Foreman a historical in boxing

George Foreman's career was full of successes and great achievements on high-level cards during his time in professional boxing in the heavyweight

George Foreman’s career was full of successes and great achievements on high-level cards during his time in professional in the heavyweight category.

Became professional In 1969, his debut couldn’t have been better by KOing Donald Walheim in three rounds in New York. He had a total of 13 fights that year, all with victory and 11 of these getting the opponent’s KO. The most impressive, the victory against Cookie Wallace, in just 23 seconds.

And that opportunity came on January 22, 1973, when he faced the heavyweight champion Joe frazier in Kingston, Jamaica. The fight had no history as Foreman knocked down the champion six times in the first two rounds, after getting up from the sixth knockdown, Frazier was shocked by the punishment he was receiving and the referee stopped the fight. From there, Foreman became a champion.

In the summer of that year 1974, Foreman went to Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), where he was to fight with Muhammad Ali, in one of the legendary matches in boxing history.

During one of the training sessions, Foreman suffered a cut in one eye, which forced him to postpone the fight for six weeks. Meanwhile, Ali dedicated himself to self-advertising and seeking popularity among the Zairean population, which left Foreman the figure of an anti-hero in this combat. Finally, Ali and Foreman met in the ring on October 30, 1974.

In 1977, it was a year of change in the life of the world champion. After knocking out Pedro Agosto in four rounds in Pensacola, Florida, Foreman traveled to Puerto Rico, where he fought Jimmy Young in a twelve round bout.

The Texan fought with extreme caution and offered war but couldn’t stop Young from knocking him down in the final round. In the locker room, Foreman fell ill, a victim of exhaustion and heart problems in what he himself would say would be “a near death experience.” From that moment, Foreman approached God, changing his attitudes and dedicating himself to prayer. The Texan would quit boxing by ordaining himself a reverend in a Texas church.

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In 1994, comes the new rebirth of Foreman before a new possibility of fighting as a contender for the title. Michael Moorer beat Holyfield in the fight for the IBF and WBA world belt.

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