Get to know the best uniforms for the 2022-23 European football season

The big ones european soccer leagues they are nothing away from starting their 2022-23 seasonthat's why we present you the most striking an

Get to know the best uniforms for the 2022-23 European football season

The big ones european soccer leagues they are nothing away from starting their 2022-23 seasonthat’s why we present you the most striking and cool uniforms that the teams will use to face the competition prior to the World Cup:


the cchampion of the Spanish league and the UEFA Champions League will celebrate 120 years of history and to celebrate it, it will debut new clothing in white with purple details, made from recycled materials.

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The new shirt pays tribute to the past, present and future of the club, as well as celebrating its GREATNESS with a unique symbol, printed inside the collar. Likewise, it will incorporate Adidas HEAT.RDY – KEEP COOL technology in its player version and AEROREADY – KEEP DRY technology for the amateur version.

To purchase the shirt you can visit selected Adidas stores, official Real Madrid stores or the website: https://www.adidas.com/rmcf.

Home kit, Real Madrid (2022-23)

The “Gunners” they will return to the traditional red with white details for their home jersey. However, they appealed to add a touch of elegance thanks to their new polo neck design, with a button, accompanied by an eye-catching lightning bolt design.

For your away jersey, Arsenal and Adidas they opted for black and charcoal tones that exhibit the AFC stamp on the entire surface, Inspired by the lettering that fans of the team see on their way to the Emirates Stadium. The goal is to bring a part of home to the other stadiums. To contrast, the cannon logo, the sports brand logo and the sponsors’ letters appear in bronze.

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Both kits are available at adidas.com, Arsenal Direct, The Armory, physical Adidas stores and authorized resellers.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Home kit, Arsenal (2022–23)

Uniforms season 2022-23

away kit, Arsenal (2022-23)

The pupils of the Dutch Erik Ten Hag they will wear white for their visiting matches; a design with a basic print that includes black details for the neck and sleeves, accompanied by a series of diamonds in red and white tones. Additionally, the three shoulder stripes alternate between black and red.

The model is made from one hundred percent recycled materials, in addition to being a tribute to the shirt used by the “Red Devils” in the 90’s.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Kit away, Manchester United (2022-23)

The local shirt is inspired by the five triangles of the star as a symbol of representation to the magic of the Allianz Stadium. Likewise, it returns to the classic black and white stripes to finish with black details in blocks of color on the collar and sleeve cuffs.

In addition to showing a new world icon, the shirt is made with recycled materials and integrated with HEAT.RDY – KEEP COOL technology, which is responsible for regulating the players’ body temperature.

For the away jersey, Adidas decided to return to the concept of the star and its magic under a bold and subtle reinterpretation, with a star pattern in carbon, integrated into the fabric, which shines in contrast to the black color of the rest of the shirt.

The elegant finishes come thanks to the white details on the collar, the sleeves, the three stripes on the shoulders and the logos. It should be noted that the objective of this shirt is to capture the essence of night games at the Allianz Stadium.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Home kit, Juventus (2022-23)

Uniforms season 2022-23

Away kit, Juventus (2022-23)

The Glasgow squad sported their retro kit design for their home games. It is a shirt with the classic design of horizontal stripes in green and white, which in turn are inspired by the titles obtained in the years 1988 and 1997.

The new shirt brings back traditional elements such as the three Adidas stripes on the shoulders, as well as adding a gray star to the top of the logo.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Home kit, Celtic (2022–23)

For the 2022 season, the German soccer champion decided to return the horizontal white stripes to his traditional red shirt, but this time in an irregular way. He also opted to change the shape of his neck and welcome the round type, which stands out next to the cuff of the sleeves due to its tonality.

The design includes solid blocks of color on the sleeves and back; a black border around the logos of Adidas and T-Mobileas well as the Bavarian motto “Mia San Mia” (we are we) at the top rear.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Home kit, Bayer (2022-23)


The paris st germain not only will he debut this season’s main sponsor (Qatar Airways), he will also sport a stylish new gray alternate jersey, with some black and brown accents, inspired by the mythical Parc des Princes, or Park of the Princes.

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The new shirt stands out for its dark highlights on the part of the logos, sleeve cuffs and the vertical line that crosses the middle. To give it a more elegant touch, the neck adds a button.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Alternate kit, PSG (2022-23)


In collaboration with the German agency Bureau Borschethe Italian team presented their new local clothing with which they will seek to return to the A series. For this occasion, the design will be inspired by the 90’s; having the color black as a base. The lateral areas of the shoulders and torso will be decorated with two lines: one green and one orange.

The innovation of this shirt will be seen in the polo-type collar that it presents, with a button finish that makes it look elegant. Bicolor lines will also be present in this area. The center letters with the legend “Citta di Venezia” They will stand out for their golden hue, which will be present in the logos, but with a metallic appearance.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Home kit, Venezia (2022-23)


The home shirt is inspired by the concept “The flame lives on” as part of the celebrations and tributes for the 30th anniversary of the 1982 Olympic Games that took place in Barcelona. The design evokes the light that invaded the city with the creation of new spaces and its connection with the sea, represented through different flashes of blue that can be seen in the stripes of the shirt.

The clothing recovers the historical Blaugrana stripes, but gives greater weight to the navy blue that can be seen on the collar and sleeves. Furthermore, for the first time the spotify logo as part of the team sponsors.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Home kit, Barcelona (2022-23)

The “Reds” presented an elegant and colorful visiting uniform inspired by the vibrant music scene in the city during the 90s. The base of the shirt is white, but it contains a multicolor layer with wavy lines that generates a pleasant visual effect; the rear of the design was left in a solid block of white to emphasize the individuality of each player.

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The black details of the shields, sleeve cuffs and part of the neck stand out among the light tones. In addition, it is worth noting the change in number, from 96 to 97, on the back of the neck, as Tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Visiting uniform, Liverpool

The home shirt for the Chelsea’s 2022 season is a historic tribute to Ted Drakeformer coach of the team that guided them to their first league title. Drake, In addition, it was a fundamental part of the identity that today the “Blues”both in colors and shield as in transfer management.

The design recovers the traditional and characteristic blue of the Chelsea, which is combined with turquoise details on the white collar, inspired by the lion that they carry on their shield. They also added a button on the shirt where they recorded the name of Ted Drake.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Home kit, Chelsea (2022–23)


The current champion of England decided to sign with PUMA to present their new home jerseywhich is inspired by the City teams at the end of the decade of the 60’s and its historic player Colin Bell.

From 1967 to 1971 the Manchester City won all possible titles, having as a figure “Colin The King” That is why PUMA decided to pay this tribute, which consists of a retro design with the Club’s shield in the center of the shirt and maroon trims on the neck and sleeves. In addition to having a crown logo inside the torso.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Home kit, Manchester City (2022–23)

PUMA pays homage to Frida Kahlo with its new collection

the italian champion He showed his new jersey design for his local games, where the black color at the base and the vertical lines in red stand out; also showing the Italian tricolor on the sleeve cuffs and the team shield on the upper part of the back.

Uniforms season 2022-23

Home kit, Milan (2022-23)

The black canes return to the jersey of the Dortmundwith irregular cuts, inspired by Wildschütz (place where the team was founded), which provide the central space for your sponsor’s logo. The base is still yellow, but it includes dark details on the cuffs and the round of his neck.

On the upper part of the back, the shirt is printed with the motto “Borussia Verbindet” (Borussia connects).

Uniforms season 2022-23

Home kit, Borussia Dortmund (2022-23)