Giovani Dos Santos says goodbye to football? “Gio” would have rejected two offers and remains without a team

The novel continues with Giovani dos Santos as the protagonist. The veteran Mexican soccer player remains under the free agent label aft

The novel continues with as the protagonist. The veteran Mexican soccer player remains under the free agent label after the Eagles of America let him go. “Gio” has more than a year without playing an official match. The Aztec is still without a club, but options have not been lacking.

The former FC Barcelona player tried everything to stay active. “Gio” trained with the Eagles of America with the intention of earning another chance. Also, the Aztec traveled to the United States to train with the Inter Miami team, but neither did he offer him a proposal. However, when the Mexican had everything in his hands, Let him escape.

The two offers that Giovani dos Santos rejected

In recent days there has been talk of rejection that Giovani dos Santos had with Mazatlan. The Liga MX team would have offered him the possibility of returning to Mexican soccer just as they did with Marco Fabián. But “Gio” preferred leave the board in view.

Perhaps from the economic point of view the offer was not so appetizing. But Giovani dos Santos took it upon himself to reject one more proposal from Saudi Arabia. Reports indicate that “Gio” would have received an offer higher than the $1.5 million dollars annuallybut also rejected it.

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