Golden State Warriors are crowned among the great NBA teams

First modification: 06/20/2022 - 17:37 The San Francisco fra

First modification: 06/20/2022 – 17:37

The San Francisco franchise adds to its trophy case with four titles in the past eight years (plus two runner-up finishes in 2016 and 2019). Their rival in the final, the Boston Celtics, extends their 14-year title-less streak for another season.

The central axis of this sport focuses on the new conquest of the Golden State Warriors after having won a new championship in the prestigious after beating the legendary Boston Celtis in the final series with a resounding series of 4 wins to 2.

To describe in detail and analyze what happened in the playoffs of the prestigious North American basketball league, we contacted our specialist on the matter, the journalist Nassim Molina.

Apart from basketball, we will hear the most striking statements of the Costa Rican classification for the next soccer World Cup, Qatar 2022, which contrast with the disappointment of the Peruvian soccer team, which was left at the gates of the world soccer party after being dismounted by Australia in the penalty shootout of their playoff match.

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