Golf and business, know the technique of the winners

Alejandro Meneses from Avantek is crowned champion of the Infochannel Golf CupIn golf and business there is not much difference: perseverance, ment

Alejandro Meneses from Avantek is crowned champion of the Infochannel Golf Cup

In golf and business there is not much difference: perseverance, mental control, strategy and passion make the difference for good results.

Alejandro Meneses, from Avantek, winner of the Golf Infochannel Cup 2022, He has been practicing this sport for five years and does it at least twice a week. His first experience was at the invitation of Nicolas Figueras, and from there the hobby arose.

Even during the pandemic, and taking advantage of the fact that the sport is practiced in open spaces, he maintained the habit of visiting the golf course.

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The executive affirms that his good diet and exercise help him stay in shape to travel the field.

Your focus to win the Infochannel Golf Cup 2022 it was the pot, where he scored several pairs and a bogey that helped him improve his score; the pot was undoubtedly the key to adding to the competition.

From his point of view, there are things that apply in golf and in business: Perseverance is one of them, not giving up and meeting goals. You have to be persistent until you win.

For Meneses, go to the Infochannel Golf CupFar from giving him an excuse to play a sport he loves, it helped him see new routes for his business. For example, she identified that his company should specialize in the cloud where she has several areas of opportunity, and where there are several allies with the wholesalers she works with.

“What follows is to sit down with them, make a business plan that leads me to attend to the same accounts, but with new cloud services”

He emphasized that he missed spending time with colleagues and friends from the media and said that, at the end of the day, this return is good because the event is made to share.

Winner Dell Technologies

Tomás G. Morán from Daisytek, was the rookie winner of the Dell Technologies Tournament, invited by the brand based on the proximity and the businesses that make the brand and wholesaler.

Morán said that Daisytek seeks to develop business with Dell from new areas, because although they are good at selling computing, direct sales have interesting opportunities, as well as the line of servers and value.

Tomas G. Moran, Daisytek

Being relaxed helped him focus during the game and is also something that helps him in business; From his point of view, it is a game that requires a lot of mental control, patience and strategy, which in the end translates into a positive result in both cases.

Daisytek’s representative promised to return by 2023 because he managed to make good friends, business and have a good time.

Ingram Micro Winner

For five years, Gerardo Hernández, commercial director of CSI Leasing, has participated in the Infochannel Golf Cup, with the forced pause that the pandemic implied. He now he was one of the guests at the Ingram Micro tournament.

From its area, it supports channels and end users with financial solutions such as pure leasing for IT solutions, including hardware and software that can be leased without minimum amounts.

Gerardo Hernandez, CSI

The only thing they are looking for is that the client has a healthy financial history and is subject to credit. In the 20 years that this financial institution has been in Ingram Micro, they have seen family businesses grow and today they handle very large volumes thanks to financing.

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For golf, business and personal life there must be a passion for what you do; monitoring and customer service based on their needs.

“Mistakes are going to be made along the way, but looking ahead, even if you had a very bad hole, should be the most important thing: One shot at a time.”

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