Golf Club Types – For Beginners

The Spanish club bag during these Olympic Games. © IGF The sport of golf is no longer for a few but for ever

Golf Club Types – For Beginners

The Spanish club bag during these Olympic Games. © IGF

The sport of golf is no longer for a few but for everyone, the visibility of golf has increased exponentially, being one of the most recognized and practiced sports in our country. A sport that is part of the events of the large sports websites such as the Coupon Code Brand Betting where you can see and know all the data of the best tournaments and competitions in the world of golf.

Getting started in golf is not complex, like any other sport. It is necessary to take into account certain notions that help us not only to understand the game but also to practice it.

One of the first things to know is the type of golf clubs that exist, their characteristics and the use of them. Let’s see which are the main golf clubs.


The driver is the longest golf club, it stands out clearly in a bag. It is the club used to start, that is, to hit the tee shot. It has a larger head compared to other golf clubs. It is perfect for long distances and allows a powerful hit.


The woods are very similar to the Driver, mentioned above, but with the big difference that they are shorter and their head is smaller. Its use is aimed at the second hit, after the driver. It offers more distance than the driver but we will gain much more control over the ball. On some occasions, for a specific type of hole, the woods can be used as a tee shot. The wood of 3 and 5 are the most used.


Another of the widely used types of clubs approaching the green are the so-called irons. As we have already said, they are used to bring the ball as close as possible to the green, between 110 and 170 meters. They are marked from 3 to 9, the lower the number the more distance the ball will travel. They are also often used in holes where the distances are much shorter.


Hybrids are a type of stick that combines the best of wood and Driver. With this it is possible to travel a great distance and have the ability to control the ball well. Something that with the driver itself it is much more complex to perform.


They are approach clubs to the green. In this case, the ideal distance for hitting with a wedge stick is 50-100 meters. They stand out for offering high elevation and the ball will not run very close to the green.


One of the most important clubs as it is the one used to carry the ball to the hole on the green. Once on the green it is the type of club that will be used to hole the ball into the hole. There may be different types of putter, it will depend on the player and what type of club he is most comfortable with. Using the putter well can make the difference between winning or losing your hole.