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Golf courses recover pre-pandemic levels, now with more local players

ALICANTE. The of the Valencian Community recover the levels of players prior to the pandemic. This is demonstrated by the comparative study carried out by the Association of Golf Courses of the Costa Blanca and the Valencian Community
(ACGCBCV), which analyzes the outputs of all its member fields from January to June during the last 4 years (2019-22), whose main conclusion is that in the first half of 2022 it has practically returned to the same pre-pandemic situation as in 2019, and recovering the impact generated by covid-19 in 2020 and 2021.

A) Yes, global departures have increased by 57.2% compared to 2021 and are close to the figures reached in 2019. The association values ​​this figure because the pandemic still had a significant impact at the beginning of this year, as well as the rainy months, which caused the closure of many fields for more days than normal. If this trend continues for the 2nd quarter -assures the group- “at the end of the year the figures for 2019 should be equaled or exceeded and definitively return to normality”.

Regarding the type of clients,The regional association detects that the departures of local players (members and golf subscribers) are already above 2019 and It has increased by 19.9% ​​compared to 2021, which shows, in the association’s opinion, that “golf comes out stronger after the pandemic as it is perceived as a very safe and healthy activity.” On the other hand, the departures of visiting players are still below 2019, but have experienced an increase of 150.1% compared to 2021, which shows us a strong upward trend.

Regarding the weight that they representas departures of local players and those of visitors with respect to the global, The following graph shows how the situation has also returned to normal and has returned to close to the 50%-50% that existed before the pandemic, although this time with slightly more local players than international ones.

The collective defends that golf is one of the most deseasonalizing elements of tourism and generates 500,000 overnight stays per year in the hotels of the Valencian Community, an impact annual income of €745 million and more than 9,000 jobs per year.

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