#Golf | Five Valencians dispute the Reid Trophy, European tournament for future values

VALENCIA. Five young Valencian golf players are looking for a leading role in the prestigious Golf Reid Trophy tournament, the England Under 14 in

VALENCIA. Five young Valencian players are looking for a leading role in the prestigious Golf tournament, the England Under 14 international, which is held at the Lincoln Golf Club from August 2 to 4. The players of the Golf Federation of the Valencian Community (FGCV) who appear among the list of thirteen Spaniards registered in this posh championship are Raúl Gómez, Juan Miró, Miguel Fuertes, Pablo Valderrama and Max Risvag. For his part, Christian Ziff works as a technician for the Valencian delegation.

The Reid Trophy is a high level and prestigious tournament. There is a lot at stake. It is an important appointment for young players with projection. This tournament resumes its traditional verve after two years in which the effect of the pandemic has conditioned its development. In the vicinity of Sheffield is the Lincoln Golf Club, which will focus the eyes of much of European golf. Along with Gómez, Miró, Fuertes, Valderrama and Risvag, the list of thirteen Spanish players is completed by Adrián Cano from Murcia, Arián Rodríguez from Almería, Diego de los Ríos from Madrid, Gonzalo Baños and Yago Hornos from Cádiz, Pelayo from Asturias, Fernández, as well as Iñigo Ferreira and Benjamín Van Braak from Malaga.

This Reid Trophy, which is disputed with the presence of many of the best continental golfers in the S14 category and whose names will be on the front pages of the newspapers in a few years, is held over three days. 18 holes are played in each of the days, with a cut after the second round in 70th place and tied. Only one Spanish player has won the Reid Trophy. It was in 2011, when Íñigo López-Pizarro won an exciting final at the Blackwell Golf Club course. The Galician knew how to withstand the great pressure to which the Englishman Matty Lamb subjected him, who he left without options with a great birdie on the 18th hole.

In previous editions, the results were also positive for the Spanish representatives, who managed to achieve two third places thanks to Javier Sainz from Biscay (2007) and Casto Gómez from Malaga (2008) in their first two participations, as well as an outstanding second placed in 2009 thanks to Mario Galiano. In 2015 it was Pedro Marín who came just one step away from obtaining a triumph of international resonance, a second place also achieved by the Valencian José Luis Ballester in 2017 and Ángel Ayora in 2018.