Golf is full of phrases and they reflect the game

We have to start by saying that the more we analyze golf, the more we see in it a reflection not only of the game, but also of life. When you ha

We have to start by saying that the more we analyze , the more we see in it a reflection not only of the game, but also of life. When you have the opportunity to a round of golf with someone, in about those four hours or more, we can observe not only their technique or skill in mastering the game, but also their character. And I do not refer only to the most outstanding or outstanding aspects, such as nervousness, tranquility and some more that are quite visible, but rather to other deeper ones, which are reflected in the game, the claw, the competitiveness, improvement … without forgetting behavior and education.

Some golf have become very famous by their authors, others are anonymous or have not been pronounced by a great player, but among them I would highlight the one pronounced by Gary Player, a great player, considered one of the best in the history of golf. As an anecdote I will tell you that he was the director of our magnificent courses at the Real Club de Golf de La Manga and said that “The more I work, the luckier I have”. This phrase is applicable to any order of life.

Then there are some more games and among my favorites is the one that says that “The driver gives you the glory and the putt the victory.” From here we can extract many readings, all of them related to the game. Many times we see players who hit too long and hit the ball too far, but forget that golf is two games in one. The first takes place off the Green and the other when it is reached. This is very common among amateurs and the one who kicks the best always wins.

I wouldn’t want to stop commenting on one last, although there are many more, from Jack Nicklaus, another great golfer who has won a greater number of major tournaments. For me it is very good and it sums up a bit the whole essence of a concept of life applied to this wonderful that says, “People only give their best in the things they truly enjoy.”

Finally, this week we have the Ryder Cup, that wonderful tournament that pits Americans against Europeans. This time we will play away from home, but we come from that last victory achieved in Paris at Le Golf National and they will wait for us with sharp teeth. A priori, the American team impresses, but Europeans always handle playing as a team better, because golf is an individual sport in which you play your ball and against the field, that’s why this tournament is so beautiful, where you share days of alternate blows and in the last direct confrontations.

For passionate golf fans, this week they will play television sessions that I recommend that you do not miss and as I always say, to those who have not approached a golf course, do not miss the opportunity to go, it is simple and now a little more, as the Region Golf Federation has opened a remodeled course open to all golf in Monte Príncipe and specially designed to get started in this wonderful game. A pitch and putt where you can begin to enjoy the irresistible sensuality of Swing.