Golf Tournament with Cause in Puebla: 4 minors will benefit

Drafting Puebla / 05.29.2022 18:08:00 The "First Golf Tournament with a Cause" at La Vista Country Club org


/ 05.29.2022 18:08:00

The “First ” at organized by the Board of Trustees of will benefit four with hearing disabilities will benefit, two of them with cochlear implants and two with external hearing aids, by exceeding the goal thanks to the donations and registrations of the participants.

In the event, the objective of the amount to be raised was doubled with the donations received added to the money from the inscriptions, allowing a collection of close to 1.2 million pesos to be reached, so this event exceeded expectations due to the response of the competitors.

With that money, two cochlear implants will be purchased and placed; the other two external hearing aids were donated by a participant.

In the event, more than 30 prizes were distributed in raffles and the winning third of the competition was made up of: Carlos Briones, Juan Carlos Miranda and Jorge Zairick.

Leonor Vargas Gallegos, general director of SEDIF, thanked the athletes for contributing to the organization’s causes, highlighting that they add to the work of Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta and the honorary president of the Board of Trustees, Rosario Orozco Caballero, who daily support people in vulnerable situation.

Olivia Salomón, Secretary of Economy, recognized all those who were involved in the tournament, while Alejandra Naváez Morales, treasurer of the Board of Trustees, highlighted the support of the sponsors and the Mexican golfer Lorena Ochoa, who donated various autographed items and, thanks to the auction of a game with her in Mexico City, it was possible to reach the amount for the purchase of a second specialized hearing aid.