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Great Britain GP F1 2022: Ferrari arrives at Silverstone with improvements to gain speed and return to winning ways

Great Britain GP F1 2022: Ferrari arrives at Silverstone with improvements to gain speed and return to winning ways

ferrariHe arrives at Silverstone with his second great evolution of the season after Barcelona, ​​but perhaps this is the most ambitious of his program. Mattia Binotto did not want to uncover the cards ahead of time and spoke in Montreal of “some new parts”but in reality it is much more. New floor and diffuser, most importantly, that will be combined with the wing that Leclerc used in the Canadian race and that gave him such a good result to come back from 19th to fifth place in the race.

There are other small modifications, such as some mirrors again cuo, who try to optimize the search to the last thousandth in F1-75, when a crucial stage of the championship is approaching, until the summer break (August 1 after Hungary). It is about recovering the path of victories that was closed for those from Maranello in Australia and that the break in Barcelona and the lousy strategy in Monaco have extended Leclerc in the fight for the championship.

“Now I need first position. I love this place and the last few times we have come here we have achieved good results, but this year we want to win. We’ll go for it,” he wished. Leclerc in the run-up to this Great Britain Grand Prix.

More speed with open DRS

As MARCA has learned, the evolution that Ferrari mounts in both cars, try to gain efficiency when taking advantage of the open DRS on the straights, a situation that Red Bull has proven to be better at since the start of the season.

Apparently when the F1-75 opens up that rear top wing, which grants an extra 10/12 km/h, the car was somewhat slowed down compared to the rest, which has sometimes prevented them from attacking or defending themselves, especially Verstappen’s Leclerc in tests such as Arabia, Imola or Bak. It is about gaining an extra tip in that situation with the new pieces, eliminating ‘drag’ or resistance to advance.

Red Bull, Mercedes and Alpine, also improve

Silverstone is the place marked in red for the penultimate evolution of each season, before the last one at Spa-Monza, with which the cycle of each year is usually closed. Red Bull, Mercedes and Alpine They also come with very important improvements.

In the case of those of Enstone, They modify again the pontoons (upper part of the gills) and the area of ​​the engine cover that links with the rear suspensions. They look for the downforce they don’t have, something that Ferrari has left over from the beginning. A mix between Sainz’s car and Alonso’s would have been a candidate for the World Cup, but that is always science fiction in F1. The hard part is being good at almost everything like Adrian Newey and his RB18 Along every course.

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