Great comeback of Puebla boxing in 2021

The The year 2021 marked the return of the competitions and face-to-face events for the members of the Poblana Association of Olympic-Type Boxing (

The The year 2021 marked the return of the competitions and face-to-face events for the members of the Poblana Association of Olympic-Type Boxing (APOBA) that, after almost a year and a half of suspension, they had the opportunity to reactivate and return to the ring to measure their scope and achievements.

After all kinds of competitions were canceled in March 2020 as a result of the appearance of Covid-19, practically a year the boxers and coaches had to wait to have a gradual return until the end of the year with a beating drum.

When making a count of what was left in 2021, the president of APOBA, Antonio Rico Hernández highlighted that the first face-to-face event in the year was a regional selective one that took place in March in Puebla, where a total of six athletes achieved his pass to the national phase.

In the final stage of the 2021 CONADE National Games based in Monterrey, Puebla returned to the podium by adding three bronze medals through Osbel de Luna, Luis Gael Mejía and Rodolfo Ruiz.

While at the end of October the National First Force Championship and the Olympic Festival were held, where a title was achieved with Osbel de Luna in the Junior category and two bronze medals in the Elite category through José Luis González and Ricardo Baruch.

The outstanding thing was precisely the gold medal of Osbel de Luna, who returned a championship to Puebla after almost two years, since 2019 was the last year in which the National Olympiad and the Olympic Festival took place.

Regarding local tournaments, APOBA formally resumed its competitions with two events that returned after a long time: the Golden Gloves Tournament and the Alpha Cup.

The Golden Gloves Tournament held in Chachapa brought together 60 competitors mainly in the Youth and Elite categories, while the Alpha Cup organized by the Alpha Club, exceeded expectations and had a record of more than 120 athletes. from the Initiation to the Elite categories, positioning this event as one of the best in recent years.

Separate mention deserves the participation of the president of the Poblana Association of Olympic-Type Boxing Antonio Rico in two events of international stature; first as part of the coaching staff of the Mexican team at the World Boxing Championship based in Serbia and later as head coach of the Mexican boxing team at the Pan American Youth Games based in Cali, Colombia.

In that same event, the international judge-referee, a star and member of APOBA, Pilar Morales Javier, was part of the official body that sanctioned these Pan American Games.

By 2022, the Poblana Association of Olympic-Type Boxing hopes to be able to carry out its full calendar of events, starting with the state selection that would be in the month of January-February; then the regional selective and the 2021 National Games that still have a date and place to be designated as well as the Olympic Festival and the National First Force Championship.

The return of the Tournament of the Barrios, which held its last edition in 2019, is also expected, and of course to give continuity to the Tournament of the Golden Gloves and the Alpha Cup.