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Great figures said present at the boxing festival in Trelew

On Friday night, the Trelew Municipal Gymnasium No. 1 was the scene of a evening as part of the Growing Up Happy Program, which is promoted by the local state together with TyC Sports and the All Boys club.

The featured six amateur fights and culminated in a stellar professional one, which was animated by Trelewense Ezequiel Labat (2-0-5 /1KO), representative of the “Guerreros del INTA” Municipal Boxing School led by Diego Sañanco, who defeated Samuel Rey (1-0-4 /1KO) from Puerto San Julián from Santa Cruz by knockout in the third round.

Also, the fans that were in good numbers in the “Palacio de los Deportes”, was the protagonist of an important recognition to the champions of our city.

Among them were Daniel and Omar Narváez; Ramón “Bronca” Soria, Diego Sañanco, Claudia López, Walter Matthysse, Raúl “Pelado” Montesino, the mother of Raúl Eliseo “Falucho” Medina and Juan Domingo Malvarez.

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