Green Bay Packers win NFC seed

Green Bay, United States.- Green Bay Packers obtained the thirteenth victory of the regular season of the National Football League (NFL), which me

Green Bay, United States.- obtained the thirteenth victory of the regular season of the National Football League (), which means winning the seed 1 of the National Conference and thus avoid the wild card duel, and then play the postseason on their court.

The cold of Lambeau Field affected some Vikings who arrived affected on the field after the absence of their quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​when testing positive for Covid-19, two days before Sunday Night Football (SNF). Instead Sean Mannion He was the starting pitcher but didn’t get the night he wanted against the Packers.

The duel was found 6-0 after the good representation of the Vikings defensive line. They denied some of the quarterback’s passes Aaron Rodgers forcing the green-yellows to settle for field goals from Mason Crosby, who hit all three opportunities that came his way.

After obtaining more time the offensive series Rodgers began to adapt along with his offenses and in a surprising response he found Allen lazard and Davante adams to complete the two touchdown passes he recorded during the field.

Aaron Rodgers hit two touchdown passes
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Vikings broke the zero near the close of the first half with Greg Joseph’s only field goal. Within the second half Minnesota scored the honor touchdown by KJ Osborn. He caught Sean Mannion’s 14-yard pass on the last play of the 3rd quarter.

The Minnesota members froze for the rest of the game. They suffered another 17 units and consequently their chance to qualify for the playoffs ended tonight. On the other hand, Green Bay tied the best place in the NFC and will be able to play at home the games heading to Super Bowl LVI.

Packers beat Vikings
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Aaron Rodgers had 288 yards, the result of 29 completions of 38. He allowed Jordan Love, the Green Bay substitute, to enter the field with six minutes left. His participation was more hauling than air passes. He decided to throw the spheroid 4 times, he made 2. Green Bay will close the regular phase visiting the Detroit Lions without any risk of losing the National team seed.

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