Guayaquil, emporium of Latin American boxing

Our city has always been a square of enormous pugilistic grandeur. Olympic champion Santiago Lowell, an Argentine who won a gold medal in heavy weight at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, arrived at the former Huancavilca Coliseum in 1937. He was considered the heavyweight superman in ‘amateu’r and his compatriot, Luis Ángel Firpo, as a professional. Other visitors were the American Joe Louis and the Italian Primo Carnera. Louis, the best heavyweight in the history of professional , put on an exhibition in 1938 at Cawpell Stadium, in front of five fighters from . The giant Carnera arrived integrating a huge caravan made up mostly of circus performers. Pascual Pérez, the world’s best flyweight, was also there. We first saw him as an ‘amateur’ and near the end of his career he faced Panamanian Adolfo Osses as a professional, winning a cyclonic fight from start to finish. In this city there have been several ‘amateur’ tournaments and one professional one. In fans, compatriots such as Gonzalo Cruz, Gastón León, Rafael Anchundia, Max Andrade, etc, shone; In the rented field, César González was crowned champion defeating Filly Hernández from Mexico. Let’s hope that the public and the manager born in Manabi, Alex González, for whom we still pride ourselves on having the best boxing in the region, will be satisfied for the Latin American amateur.

Jose Emilio Ruiz Ortiz