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Erling Haaland is keen to turn the next transfer market upside down. His possible departure from Borussia Dortmund has half of Europe attentive to

Erling Haaland is keen to turn the next transfer market upside down. His possible departure from Borussia Dortmund has half of Europe attentive to any movement and its agents working piecemeal to find the best possible destination. What is a fact is that the German team has resigned in its idea of ​​retaining the striker, whom they give up for lost. In fact, they are already moving in the market to search for a substitute for guarantees and they seem to have found it. According Bild, the yellows have Adeyemi tied for next summer. Salzburg are asking for 40 million for a player who has aroused the interest of several big players on the continent and Dortmund, although at the moment they are not willing to reach that figure, will add a large amount with the sale of Haaland.

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Adeyemi’s arrival in Germany could be the starting signal for the auction for Haaland, in which Bayern Munich or Manchester City are willing to enter. Also Real Madrid, although in his case his asset is not the portfolio since he cannot compete economically with the rest of the participants. His strong point is the desire of the footballer to wear white. As this newspaper has reported, the attacker prefers the sporting project to the economic one and he really likes the idea of ​​being one of the stars of the new Bernabéu.

Both Adeyemi’s signing for Dortmund and Haaland’s desire to reach Madrid are two pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly. The good relationship of the Chamartín club with Dortmund and the magnificent economic situation that the entity is going through also help to believe that the operation is possible. However, in the White House They do not have all of them with them and prefer to be cautious, knowing that there are other great clubs that will make things very difficult.

Raiola, Haaland’s agent, seems to be clear about the best destination for his player. “We have been thinking for two years. We have clear ideas about where Erling should go and of course we look at what the market has to offer“He commented on Sport1. Later, he was encouraged to give the four clubs in which he could land, including Madrid along with Manchester City, Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona. Eliminate PSG and United from the equation, two teams that seemed to start with options. These statements fit perfectly with, among other things, his visit with Alfie Haaland, father of the forward, to the Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas in April. Or with his words in an interview for AS in which he was already advancing that “Madrid can sign Haaland.”

Undoubtedly, all the events that have occurred in recent months suggest that the paths between Haaland and Madrid are closer than ever to meeting. The next few months will be decisive to know the real options for the signing to become effective. A new Galactic is approaching the Bernabéu, but the most difficult thing is missing …