Hamilton wants to end his win drought in Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton hopes to return to victory at Silverstone, because he hasn't been able to celebrate in Formu

Lewis Hamilton hopes to return to victory at Silverstone, because he hasn’t been able to celebrate in Formula 1 since last December. Kindness.

Lewis Hamilton equaled his longest period without a win in the Formula 1 World Championship. He has gone ten races in a row without climbing to the top spot on a podium. The The last time was at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in full definition of the 2021 title, which was later held by Max Verstappen.

In the previous test where the wounds of the previous year revive, as will be Silverstone, the multiple champion He will seek with his Mercedes to extend his statistics as the driver with the most wins in Formula 1 and, at the same time, cut the losing streak.

With a car that improves with each presentation after the repeated triumphs of Red Bull and some of Ferrari, the Mercedes team hopes to give the tool to Hamilton to fight again among the leaders with the brand new developments.

Hamilton went ten-race without a win, twice between 2008 and 2009 at McLaren, repeating in 2013 as he began his days with Mercedes. He went 266 days without a win on the first of these stats. In the other it was 245 days until they returned to victory.

Hamilton hasn’t won a win for a long time and the Mercedes team worked hard to give him a competitive car at Silverstone. Gentleness.

At this time, Hamilton adds 210 days between the test in Jeddah on December 5 last until Sunday, July 3 in the British flag test. Although they would be less than in the previous statistics, he would reach the unprecedented figure of 11 tests without a victory.

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