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Harden, the hardest hit in the NBA rule change

NBA Stephen Curry or Luka Doncic have also been affected

LThe has once again given a twist to its rules in its eternal quest to improve the show and last summer approved a change against shooters and unnatural movements with which they try to get the foul out of their defender when they are shooting. A movement in the regulations that has directly affected players such as Stephen Curry, Luka Doncic or , who have seen their trips to the free throw line drop significantly at the start of the season.

Fouls are fouls, but I feel when I get to the games that everything is predetermined and that I have that stigma

‘La Barba’ is perhaps the player who has been harmed the most by this rule change and has already complained openly after the game against the Wizards in which he barely fired three shots from the 4.60 line, his average in the first four games this season in the NBA.

“I’m not the type of person to complain,” said the guard, who last season in his first four games accumulated 48 free throws, four times more than he has this season (11) in which the referees have raised the level of demand when it comes to signaling some faults.

The evolution of Harden’s free throws

The NBA MVP has passed from 7.7 shots on average in its first four games in the 2019-2020 season to the 2.75 averaged this season. “Fouls are fouls, but I feel when I get to the matches that everything is predetermined and that I have that stigma. I tell the referees that if they see a foul they should whistle it. I only ask that they whistle what they see. A foul is a foul and it doesn’t matter what league it is. “

Steve NashHarden’s coach on the Nets also referred to the shooting guard’s offensive downturn: “I think it’s unfair that he is put on as the poster boy when it comes to not calling these kinds of fouls. Some are still fouls, but they’re so unfair. on the alert that it has become the image of this type of decision. I get it. There is that line, but some of them are still missing. “

The travel descent to the free throw line is not something unique to Harden. It is a trend in these first four days of the NBA season. Last season averaged 21.7 free throws per game for 19.5 that have been averaged in the first week of a course marked by the change of regulations.


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