Has not lost a position since joining F1

Carlos Sainz closes his first cycle with Ferrari in Hungary achieving his second podium with the Italian team. The Magyar race also confirmed one

Carlos Sainz closes his first cycle with Ferrari in Hungary achieving his second podium with the Italian team. The Magyar race also confirmed one of the patterns that distinguishes Carlos Sainz in his career in Formula 1. Because it has become “Mister Comebacks”.

At the Hungaroring, the Spaniard achieved a unique personal record, rare in Formula 1 where it is so difficult to gain positions: for the fourth time in a row he entered the top five on the finish line starting from fifteenth position or worse. But with a unique addition: he has not been able to get on the podium in two of the four achieved so far. Nor at the Hungaroring.

“I am happy with the way I have integrated with the team, and with the speed I have had with the car. From the first race I felt good with the car and with the possibility of driving it to the limit in each circuit we have been to. It doesn’t seem like my strongest season in Formula 1, because I have lost quite a few points and opportunities here and there. And I said it before this race, I think that as a Ferrari driver I have not maximized a weekend, I have not put all the pieces together, and this is something that I did very well ”. Sainz took a balance at the Hungaroring of his initial career with Ferrari at the end of the Hungarian event and the start of the summer break. But since his McLaren days the Spaniard has become the rider with the most positions on the grid when for different reasons a black cat crosses the track on Saturday.

Sainz achieved one of the best comebacks of his career in Turkey 2020

The example of 2021

“This weekend is a good example. I made a mistake in practice, I paid a price in the race, there was a good initial relay, but we lost an opportunity (because of the pit stop) and suddenly, the weekend doesn’t seem so good, because we lost some points. This weekend is a good example of these first eleven races ”. The error in training conditioned the weekend, although Sainz was favored by the incident at the start. But the result of the Hungaroring came to join others similar in recent times. No matter where he starts from, Sainz almost always finds a way to put his head among the first at the finish line.

The Spaniard is a specialist in fixing Saturday flaws on Sunday, confirming one of its most outstanding features: his consistency and speed in the race. In the three prior to the Hungarian GP, ​​Sainz halved the result of the practice sessions. If he started tenth at Silverstone and second at the Red Bull Ring, he finished fifth. At the Styria GP he was twelfth on Saturday, and sixth on Sunday. In the Emilia Romagna GP he started eleventh and also finished fifth.

Brazil 19 takes the cake

In the previous season he confirmed the same pattern, and the last two times he started from fifteenth position he also finished in the top five. In the Istanbul GP, with water and low temperatures, he came close to Charles Leclerc, who a failure cost him second place with Vettel and Pérez. One more lap, and the podium would have been possible. The same thing happened in Bahrain, when after countless overtaking he came in the wake of Lando Norris, fourth, although with no option due to the team’s decision to challenge the British for his position.

But of all, Brazil’s comeback would take the cake. Then he left twenty and last. With another recital he raised his McLaren to fourth position, but the suspension to Lewis Hamilton gave him third place. However, he was unable to enjoy the official ceremony either, and only later did he hold a podium drill with his own. That same year he came out three more times behind the fifteenth position. At Spielberg he started nineteenth and worked his way up to eighth. The other two occasions, Australia and Belgium, he did not complete the first laps due to abandonment.

Three years improving positions

Sainz’s pattern test is confirmed by the average of its starting and finishing positions in the last three years, the second always improving the first and considering that both include factors such as reliability or incidents. In 2019, 10.3 on the grid and 10 on the finish line. 8.4 by 8.3 in 2020. The sets so far improve in 2021 with Ferrari: 8.3 as the average starting position by 6.6 at the finish line. Despite some fluctuations depending on the season with Toro Rosso and Renault, the whole of his seven years of Formula 1 maintains the trend: 10.7 middle position at the start and 10.6 at the finish line, that is to say, it improves globally the second on the first.

Despite Carlos Sainz scoring the highest number of points of his career at this stage of the season in 2021, he confirmed at the Hungaroring that he was not totally satisfied with “not being able to put all the pieces together in one weekend”. However, 2021 also seems to confirm Andreas Seidl’s diagnosis when he was about to get on the podium at last year’s Turkish GP. “We know from previous races that he likes tough conditions, and he performs very well in them. He has a talent for taking risks, he manages to have the car on the track, while he progresses in the race and makes overtaking like today, “explained the German engineer, who finished:” There are reasons why Ferrari has gone for him. ” Among others, his comebacks on Sunday.