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He has it defined: the money that could tempt Floyd Mayweather to return to boxing

In recent times, the fortune of It was up for discussion with everyone. After Jake Paul has stated that the American was bankrupt, there were many who tried to know the current state of being famous. In this line, the money that could lead the media to return to came to light.

In an interview he gave to the site “FightHype”, Floyd Mayweather expressed that he would be willing to return to professionalism in exchange for 200 million dollars. There is no doubt that this figure is extremely high for the sport, although the presence of the former world champion would tempt several businessmen. His phrases caused a huge astonishment in the networks.

Floyd Mayweather has no losses in his sports career

In turn, the man born in Grand Rapids maintained that he is not in a hurry to make presentations above the ring, since he earned a good amount of money in the different exhibitions that had him as the protagonist. Apparently, the American intends to venture into new paths, apart from his recognition in this discipline.

There are many who want to see their faces versus Floyd Mayweather and, therefore, achieve visibility in this environment. The American is considered by various specialists as one of the best boxers in history, although his legacy could be increased if he makes the surprising determination to return from retirement once again.

Ryan Garcia challenged Mayweather

He is one of the great stars of tomorrow. Ryan García arouses the interest of boxing fans and seeks to consolidate his career by obtaining a world championship. The confidence that the young man has is so great that, in one of his last appearances in public, he expressed his desire to be able to crash against the American.

Ryan Garcia has a total of 22 wins

In this sense, he pointed out that no one can stop him, so he asked to try his luck with the best fighters in history. Floyd Mayweather He has not yet responded to this offer, although it seems unlikely that it will materialize. He analyzes each of the steps he takes and leaves no detail to chance.

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