“He is not dead, but he cannot communicate”

Published: Thursday, September 30, 2021 1

The Ferrari-Schumacher relationship will always be eternal. Michael Schumacher joined the ‘Scuderia’ in 1996 to claim five world titles in ten years.

It became an idyllic relationship, with the driver being part of the family that created the most famous team in Formula 1. He spent many moments with the current vice president of the brand, Piero Ferrari, and son of the founder, Enzo. Now, taking advantage of the recent premiere of the ‘Kaiser’ documentary, Piero has recalled anecdotes together.

“I like to remember the moments with Michael off the track, when he was a guest in our house and we quietly drank a glass of red wine together. A simple person in the most positive sense: clear, precise, very linear “, he comments for the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’.

However, it bothers him that he is spoken of in the past tense, since he is still present: “I do not like that Schumacher is spoken of today as if he had left us. I regret that today we speak of him as if he were dead: it is not dead, it is there but it cannot be communicated. “

Piero also had time to talk about the German’s son, Mick Schumacher, who is a pilot for the academy and is at Haas on loan. Despite the fact that this season is being complicated in terms of results due to the car they have been given, Ferrari has shown confidence in the ‘rookie’.

“Haas is a team that has made the decision not to spend in 2021 and uses a car that was no longer good in 2020. Ferrari helps them to give them a car for their second year with which they can demonstrate their qualities,” he explains.

Mick will stay one more year in the team led by Guenther Steiner, since he has no place as a starter in a ‘Prancing Horse’. Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc occupy both seats, and Piero is delighted and hopeful with them for the future of the team.

“Carlos is a reliable and fast driver, as recently demonstrated in Russia. We have a great team with him and Charles, “he says, although he has a predilection for the Monegasque.

“Leclerc is a pilot that my father would have liked. ORAn intelligent boy, blessed with incredible talent in all aspects, highly focused. If we give him the right car, it will still give us a lot of pleasure, “he concludes.