“He knows perfectly what the car wants”

Published: Saturday, June 25, 2022 21:0

Max Verstappen is the great name of current F1, for its present and for its future. The Dutchman already has a World Cup under his belt, and with a great Red Bull he is on his way to achieving the second. He is the leader of the championship, and seems to be one step ahead of the rest of the contenders.

Your team, happy. The young man is part of the Red Bull ‘idea’, to train pilots in his lower teams, in his quarry, and see how they later succeed in Formula 1. He is, what he has been, a Sebastian Vettel.

From Toro Rosso he came to the big team, and in his first race with the energy drinks team he won in Barcelona, ​​in the Spanish GP. As soon as the car has accompanied, world champion.

“He knows perfectly what the car wants”

Adrian Newey, the great name behind each Red Bull and the main person in charge of the Austrian car as he is the one who designs them, has compared Verstappen with a double Formula 1 world champion.

That two-time champion is Mika Hakkinen. The Finn won the 1998 and 1999 titles with McLaren, and Red Bull engineer Newey sees a lot of him in Verstappen.

“Mika was a driver who didn’t talk much. Sometimes you had to understand what he was saying. He was a great driver. I put Max there, in that same category. He knows perfectly what the car wants,” he says.

And he sees the key as the two talk to their engineers: “They know how they should do it to achieve their goals.”

“His aggressive image, out of context”

Newey also wants to break with the image of Verstappen as an aggressive driver: “He is very calm and precise when it comes to the truth. He has tremendous reflexes. It is a pleasure to work with someone like him.”

“His image of an aggressive driver is taken out of context. What happened last year was completely unjustified. Perhaps in his beginnings in F1 it was like that, but not anymore,” he says in words in ‘Racing News 365’.