He made fun of boxer and paid dearly: IBF champion went viral after fight with Twitter troll | Sports

IBF flyweight champion boxer Sunny Edwards invited a Twitter troll to fight and brutally beat him up

IBF flyweight champion invited a Twitter troll to fight and brutally beat him up

English boxer Sunny Edwards, IBF flyweight champion, invited a social media user to fight, after the latter began to annoy him on Twitter calling him ‘scared and cowardly’.

The troll in the birdie’s social network, whose username is Fab TangaHe even published a photograph where he was outside the British gym waiting for him. He also promised to knock him out in four rounds, in a clear show of confidence in his media.

The boxer initially refused to fight because he was seeing some familiar themes, but later accepted the challenge of the annoying user and even broadcast it through his Instagram.

Edwards unleashed his full fury on the internet troll in the ring, him, tiring him out and taunting him in the ring, proving it was too easy a test.

Six minutes, two rounds, which turned out to be a real nightmare for Fab Tanga, who ended up on the ropes and signaling “I’m going to throw up, it’s too fast”.

After the fight, Edwards wrote in networks: “In all seriousness I respect Tanga for traveling four hours by train from London to Sheffieldon his own back and crawling off the couch for a couple of rounds of training.”

Meanwhile, the annoying Twitter user changed his mind about the fighter after the fight: “I just want to say with all my heart, thank you Sunny Edwards, you showed me that in the UK there is at least one SUPER CHAMPION. I will pray to God to protect you and your family and friends, he is fast, he really is fucking fast.”

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