He was going to be a footballer, he hurt his knee and now he is a crack boxer

Every time she goes to the Cuauhtémoc stadium, along with her father, to watch the Puebla de la Franja matches, Lorena Larrañaga feels an intractab

Every time she goes to the Cuauhtémoc stadium, along with her father, to watch the Puebla de la Franja matches, Lorena Larrañaga feels an intractable uncontrollable force and then avoids biting her nails because of her passion for soccer, a nervousness that, because of the On the contrary, he knows how to control every time he puts on his gloves and climbs into a ring.

“Pass it, he’s alone!” Lore is heard yelling fervently at one of the camoteros players as he has the ball at his feet building an attack. And it is that she knows what it is to be on a court.

During her childhood and much of her adolescence, there was nothing else in her life than soccer, and she was really good, so much so that she became a national under-17 team player and shared a team with Charlyn Corral, the best soccer player in the history of the country.

“I was in the Mexican women’s sub17 when Leonardo Cuéllar directed it and I shared the field with Charlyn Corral and Stefany Mayor and they called me because Cuéllar came to Puebla to make a selection, I was looking for talent, I was selected. I stayed four months, I had to meet the Olympic Committee, but a knee injury suspended my activity. The truth is that right now I see that women’s fut is growing, I would like to be 12 years old to be able to play because right now it is paid and not before, in my years there was not as much boom as now.

His first contact with boxing was when he was seeking to develop self-defense techniques and after several years practicing it recreationally, he was invited to take it more seriously to start his career.

“I have dedicated my whole life to soccer, but I practiced cardio box, it was more recreational, for reasons of being better, for defending yourself and today’s insecurity, so I came with my coach, I was in several gyms, until I met my current coach and he told me if I didn’t want to start in the world of boxing.”

“Fulfill your dreams, don’t be afraid, let them know that everyone falls, it’s brave to rise up, if you’ve been afraid don’t worry, fear is two up in the ring not just one and whoever dominates fear he will come out with his hand up. I would tell parents that girls should not be included in this sport, but rather to fight, that it be to learn to defend themselves, to throw a blow, today there is a lot of bullying, harassment, and the truth is that it is not too much for children to know self-defense.”

If he managed to have an important development in boxing, it is thanks to his integrity, but also to the guidance of his coach, ‘el Tigre’ Daniel Solís, who helped him overcome his fear of blows, dominate it and turn it into adrenaline above the quadrilateral.

“I am infinitely grateful to my coach Daniel Solís, the “Tiger”, I thank him because he took away that fear that knocked me out of not being able to do this sport because the fear left me and I started, the first fight was a year ago and In all the ones I’ve been to, I came out with my hand raised, I don’t know defeat”.

El Tigre taught her how to roar so well that in one year she has already fought eight times and in all of them she has taken the victory and the championship belt, the most recent being the one she won in Baja California. She has eight fights for the belt and all eight have been won, she has three titles at 60 kilos, one at 58 and the others at 56 kilos.

Her good moment has her fully motivated and anxious to be able to make her presentation as a professional, something that could happen soon since she is in talks to do it even before the end of the year.

Lorena Larrañaga has had failures and has overcome them, her fears have dominated them, when she has fallen, she managed to get up, and that is the message that she wants to convey to the youngest, and also to parents, whom she invites to encourage their daughters to practice boxing, and not necessarily to become a fighter but also to learn how to defend themselves.