Head of the Red Bull team speaks out for increasing the maximum spending limit in the face of inflation

Faced with rising costs, the team leader Red BullChristian Horner made a call on Saturday during the Formul

Faced with rising costs, the team leader Red BullChristian Horner made a call on Saturday during the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix to find “a common sense solution”, pointing to a increased spending ceiling.

“It’s a case of force majeure, it’s a situation obviously none of us could have foreseen, which has increased costs. In a pragmatic way, we just have to find a common sense solution,” Horner explained.

The idea is also defended by the other more powerful teams, such as ferrari and Mercedes: “I think that the only thing we can do is give ourselves a little air, increase the budget limit in response to inflation, which is something that we did not predict at all,” Mattia Binotto assured at “Scuderia”, sure that the budget will be surpassed in ferrari.

Last weekend, Horner had stated that “around seven teams will probably have to miss the last four races to be under the limit this year”.

Alfa Romeo and Alpine they do not share this opinion at all: “We are in a situation in which, sooner or later, we will have to stop the development of the cars, because we will be at the limit of our budget, and I think that everyone can reach it,” said Frédéric Vasseur , Alfa Romeo pattern.

“I think it is possible. When there is a will, there is a way to do it. We have set a budget limit, and we all have to stay,” Otmar Szafnauer defended.

The Alpine boss explained that “most teams set their budget in November-December for the following year. At that time, inflation was already over 7%, we took that into account when we set our budgets.”

In McLarendirector Andreas Seidl, a fervent supporter of the budget cap adopted in 2021, maintains a softer tone now: “We are pushing to make sure we introduce the budget cap, but I think that if we take into account the exceptional situation as at the moment we should always be able to have common sense conversations and find good solutions for the sport”.

The decision to adopt a spending cap for the teams during a season was made in 2020 with the aim of reducing the budget difference between the big and small teams, to improve competition. Mercedes, ferrari and Red Bull they were particularly impacted.

The budget cap dropped from $145 million last year to $140 million this year. It should go to 135 million dollars in 2023.