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Hidalgo wins two more titles in boxing, at the Olympic Festival

Hidalgo Sports. Laura Campos.- Hidalgo boxing concluded its participation in the sixth edition of the 2022 Olympic Boxing Festival, with the definition of two titles in the five metals that were pending to know the color.

The championships of the state contingent corresponded to the experienced Francisco López Uribe, who reaffirmed the experience that allowed him to participate in Spain, now as National FOB champion.

The second title was in the hands of Juan Antonio Jiménez, who had a hard road to reach the top of the podium.

For their part, Otis Castro Jr. and Javier Alejandro Cruz, both in the Super Heavyweight categories, and Diego Soto, from Tulancingo, obtained silver.

As previously announced, the bronzes were the work of Dayra Gómez, Ramsés González, Emilio Perea Jr., Guadalupe Flores, Gregory Alvarado, Nancy Balderas and Joel Leónidas Cortés.

The contest was attended by 30 boxers from Hidalgo, who were part of the 570 who gathered at the Mexican Olympic Committee, where, in addition to the Mexican Boxing Federation making up the selections for the World Championships in the second half of the year, also with this event began its process to Paris 2024.

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