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High-flying football in the first days of the Mundialito Incomesa

The gambetas, ‘little hats’, tunnels, goals and celebrations in the best style of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Díaz, among others, have been the constant in two days of competitions of the Mundialito Incomesa, the most important contest in the under 11 category of Latinamerica.

Hundreds of children have gathered at the Mars Stadium in Bucaramanga and at the Primero de Mayo stadium in Girón, who, despite their young age, dazzle with their talent.

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In addition to the main cast from Santander and Colombia, there are representatives from Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, who give a high level to a championship that reaches its sixth edition.

“Happy and surprised, because I had no knowledge of the magnitude of this event, it is impressive and I want to congratulate Incomesa and the organization of this event that provides opportunities for children,” said Norberto Peluffo, renowned Colombian professional soccer coach.

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In this way, the Mundialito continues to rise to become the cradle of Santander’s next professional players and that in a few years the Colombian National Team will see soccer players who went through the contest.

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