Hispanic restaurants in La Quinta benefit from ‘American Express’ golf tournament

The increase in cases of COVID-19 has impacted dozens of Hispanic restaurants in the Coachella Valley. With the American Express golf

The increase in cases of COVID-19 has impacted dozens of Hispanic restaurants in the Coachella Valley.

With the American Express golf tournament about to start, the restaurant industry in La Quinta hopes to benefit from the hundreds of tourists who have come to the area.

The American Express professional golf tournament starts tomorrow Thursday at La Quinta. Hispanic restaurants near sports fields welcome him enthusiastically.

“The first two weeks have been slow, but this tournament has already started to fill up,” said Sebastian Prieto, owner of TQLAS at Old Town La Quinta.

He says that they are prepared to receive tourists and sports fans as best as possible despite facing difficulties due to the rise in Covid cases.

“If it is affecting the appearance, that if an employee gets sick, we are worried, we have to send them to do the test, unfortunately right now the tests are taking 5 to 6 days to respond, and the employee cannot return,” said Prieto.

He, his wife and their employees share the responsibilities of serving their regular clientele and those who have come to the area to enjoy the golf games and concerts.

He says that patience is important.

“Right now I think that all the restaurants, in terms of personnel, are between 70% and 60%, and we try to do the best we can,” said Prieto.

Not far from TQLAS, at the Mexican restaurant, Los Arcos, margaritas keep Jesús Almaraz and his brother busy.

“Around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, that’s when you go to see a lot of golfers, right now we had some parties in the morning,” said Almaraz, who owns the restaurant.

Almaraz says that since last week, small waves of customers have started arriving at his restaurant.

“This preparation, we had to do it a week before, many people have told me that the ‘golf tournament’ is a very big thing and if later, last week we started to get busy”, said Almaraz. This is his first year in this place, previously his business was in the Cathedral City.

In recent weeks, his orders have mostly been takeout.

And just like the owner of TQLAS, they are also facing a lack of staff.

“I have my whole family working with me, that’s my brother Bryan, I have my dad in the kitchen, and I go with my other brothers,” Almaraz said.

Despite the circumstances that all restaurants face, the golf tournament seems to be what they need in these discouraging days.

“Already this weekend we expect to be a little busier because of the concerts that Maroon 5 and Brad Paisley are going to have, if we think we are going to be busy,” said Almaraz.

The tournaments start tomorrow and end on Saturday.