Hoffman crack against the PGA Tour mixing with Golf Saudi

Charley Hoffman, on the 11th hole of the Phoenix Open this Friday. (© Golffile | Eoin Clarke) Charlie Hoffma

Charley Hoffman, on the 11th hole of the Phoenix Open this Friday. (© Golffile | Eoin Clarke)

Charlie Hoffman (-3) passed the cut in the Waste Management Phoenix Open and ranks 44th in the ranking. The balance is not horrible, but it could have been better had it not been for the double bogey he suffered on the 13th hole of the TPC Scottsdale.

The wound itches even more if we take into account that it is the easiest hole of the tournament. If we turn that double bogey into a birdie, for example, Hoffman would be up 30 spots. The difference is remarkable. Naturally, the double bogey sat the North American on fire and he ended up dispatching himself with a vintage crack at the end of the lap.

Hoffman decided it was a good time to throw dynamite at the PGA Tour. The anger of the blond player, who normally plays with a green glove, was caused by a drop. He sent his ball into the teeing water and had to drop in an area with very little grass and a slope towards the lake. After two attempts without the ball staying still, he had to put it with his hand as per protocol. There he already stood up and was at stake. However, in the middle of preparing for the shot, the ball began to roll again and ended up in the water. Second penalty. Hoffman burst out.

“The 13th hole today was a joke,” he commented on social networks, questioning the PGA Tours Yet the USGA. “He threw my ball into the teeing water and dropped it on a sloping area with no grass. He tried twice and then put the ball in a small area of ​​​​grass that I can find. I turn around and the ball starts to move and ends up in the water. I was under the impression that the USGA had changed the Rule. Error. I had to drop again with penalty without having done anything wrong. I did everything just as the rulebook dictates », he explains.

From here, it begins to heat up and attacks everything. “It is incomprehensible that a group of amateurs is responsible for the rules of professional golf. I also blame the PGA Tour umpires for putting this terrible penalty area where I should have known this could happen. Zero degree of responsibility. Zero player protection. I wonder why players are considering jumping off this ship to play another Tour? Players need transparency, protection and consistency. And right now we don’t have it with those who govern us », he points out.

The crack is very important. Take advantage of a specific problem in the drop of 13, which may be absolutely right, to attack the entire system. Also, Hoffman is not just any player. He represents the players before the PGA Tours. Perhaps that is why he finished off his message like this: “I’m sorry Jay (referring to Jay Monah, boss of the PGA Tour), we all need to do better at all levels on the PGA Tour, including myself who represents the players on the governing bodies. If we don’t, we will be left without a circuit. Hopefully there will be some changes soon », he sentenced.

In case there wasn’t enough wood on the fire, Bryson DeChambeau, who was passing by, added one more trunk. “Completely agree with Charley”…

We will see the consequences of this ‘trip’ of Hoffman to the PGA Tour. Of course, the criticism is ruthless and we will have to be aware of the response of the circuit itself and the positioning of the players. Be that as it may, it seems that a clear division is taking place between the players.