Horschel explodes and calls LIV Golf players “hypocrites”

Billy Horschel © Golffile | Stefano DiMaria The irruption of the LIV Golf Invitational Series and the open c

Billy Horschel © Golffile | Stefano DiMaria

The irruption of the LIV Golf Invitational Series and the open controversy with the players who have opted to join the Saudi circuit is causing all kinds of reactions. The last, and possibly one of the most vehement of those that have been heard to date, has as its protagonist the American Billy Horschelwho has not hesitated to urge the players of the new series to “leave”.

In the preview of Genesis Scottish Open of this week in The Renaissancethe golfer Florida he said “you can’t be diplomatic about it anymore,” taking serious jabs at players who have abandoned traditional tours tempted by petrodollars. Some comments that come just 12 hours after three of the players from LIV Golf, Poultry, Harding and Otaeguireceived an authorization to play this week in the DP World Tour suspending its sanctions.

“To say that they also wanted to support this tour in the future, be the DP World or the PGA Tourswhile playing for LIV it’s completely stupid. to play in the PGA Tours you have to play 15 events. Your schedule is now going to be 14. So you are going to play 29 tournaments a year to maintain your membership in the PGA Tours? It’s ridiculous. Come only to play the big events of the DP World It helps, but that’s not supporting the tour,” he said.

A speech that gradually warmed up: «Those guys made their bet. They say that’s what they want to do. So leave us alone, honestly. They keep talking about the PGA Tours does not listen It frustrates me a lot because many are hypocrites, they don’t tell the truth and they lie about some things. I can’t sit here quietly and be diplomatic about it,” he added.

Horschel He also referred to some of the rations that the players of LIV Golf have used to explain their defections. Among them, having more time to enjoy their families. “I will not see my family for five weeks, but it is what my wife and I decided. Am I crying about it? Well no. I am living my dream of trying to play professional golf and financially support my family. I’m sick of this », she finished.