Hot weighing for CFC

September 16, 2022 - 17:20 This morning the weigh-in ceremony of the "Catamarca Fighting Championship" was carried out and "hot" crosses were

Hot weighing for CFC

September 16, 2022 – 17:20

This morning the weigh-in ceremony of the “Catamarca Fighting Championship” was carried out and “hot” crosses were experienced in the confrontation prior to tomorrow’s show.

After 3 years we will have a great event of Mixed martial arts (MMA), tomorrow the Capital Sports Center (5:00 p.m. Amateurs – 6:00 p.m. Preliminaries- 8:00 p.m. Professionals).

The event is organized by Favio Díaz and Pablo Llampa and sponsored by the Catamarca Sports Secretariat.

During the morning of today in the Calchaquí Hall, the official weigh-in ceremony was held and the first sparks have already emerged. At the time of the “careo” the rivalries prior to the fights were experienced with great tension anticipating a day of many emotions in the CFC cage.

center vs. North

According to what was observed in the Main Card (main billboard) we noticed how the organizers raised the clashes between fighters from the center of the country (Córdoba, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires) and those from the North (Catamarca, Tucumán, La Rioja, Salta, Jujuy ).

The titles

There will be three titles at stake: in the MMA Barrionuevo vs. Chumbita modalities, in Muay Thai Lautaro Silva vs. Lisandro García and a kickboxing Super 4 will award the remaining belt.


Kickboxing modality

Nahuel Marcos vs. Alexander Condori

MMA mode

Lucas Cardenes vs. Daniel Tapia

Emanuel Fields vs. Nicholas Medina

Kickboxing modality

Emiliano Yarad vs. Rodrigo Ruiz

Thomas Ten vs. Ramon Baigorri

K1 modality

Ayrton Paez vs. Nicholas Nunez

Kickboxing – Super 4

Santiago Nieva vs. Gael Paez

Fernando Nieva vs. Brandon Salvatierra



Lautaro Silva vs Lisandro Garcia

MMA mode

Samuel Chumbita vs. Misael Barrionuevo

MMA mode

Vladimir Segura vs Mariano Laspiur

Kickboxing modality

Aldana Cisneros vs Camila Alvarez

MMA mode

Leandro Oviedo vs Javier Breppe

Brandon Leiva vs Nahuel Fernandez

Salgado Matias vs. Matias Ogas

K1 modality

Araos Exequiel vs Ricardo Herrera

MMA mode

Agustin Maldonado vs Cesar Farias