How did an energy drink company manage to have a successful team in F1?

Although today Red Bull is a company internationally recognized for having one of the best teams in F1, and for being the team of Sergio “Checo”

Although today is a company internationally recognized for having one of the best teams in F1, and for being the team of Sergio “Checo” Pérez, the company’s path to the top of the highest category of motorsports has not been easy.

To understand his career and why he is a benchmark in the high impact sports, It is necessary to investigate where this reputation of the brand was born and how it has escalated until it is currently present in most international events.

the beginnings

Before being a sponsor of a team of WRChave your own cardboard car race or be part of F1, Red Bull it was a drink that began to gain popularity in Thailand for “helping” people to concentrate on their daily tasks.

Founded in 1974 by Chaleo Yoovidhya and named Krating Daeng (translated in Spanish to Red Bull) the first design showed two of these animals in that color in front of a sun, facing each other face to face.

In a short time, and with the drink beginning to be more and more famous among the working class, Krating Daeng began sponsoring Thai kickboxing fights. The brand’s logo gained ground and after a couple of years it was already recognized as a sports drink by its commercials.

By 1984, Dietrich Mateshitz, Austrian businessman who traveled to Thailand on business, was impressed with the product after a local recommended it to combat jet lag. Mateshitz contacted the company and proposed a business plan to bring the product to Europe.

By 1987, Red Bull was founded as an international company based in Austria and they began selling their products all over the world. His strategy was to give out free samples at various events so that people would get to know the drink and then buy cans for themselves.


relationship with sports

Although Krating Daeng was already known as a patron of kickboxing in thailand, Red Bull had not done the same. In 1989 the history of the beverage brand would change forever thanks to the fact that they became the first sponsors of Gerhard Berger, an Austrian F1 driver.

Berger wasn’t the best driver in the class, but he had won one race that season and finished second twice. This caught the attention of Dietrich Mateshitz and, during a brief meeting, he offered her to be the face of a “novel energy product” called Red Bull.


the big bet

By 1995, Dietrich decides it’s time Red Bull between full in the and sign an agreement to be sponsors for 10 years of Sauber F1 Team. During their first season as sponsors, the team placed seventh in the constructors’ championship with their best driver finishing ninth.

The desire to win was in their DNA and for 1997 they became sponsors of the Jackie Stewart GP Team. Jackie Stewart ended up selling part of it to Ford and later turning the team into Jaguar Racing, the name they raced under until 2004 when Ford pulled out of F1.

As part of the deal, Ford sold the team to Red Bull and eventually Mateschitz had his own team in motorsport’s top flight. For 2005, they debut in F1 as an official team, with their own rules.

Mateschitz’s first assignment was to bring in Gerhard Berger as team principal, but the driver declined the offer because he wanted to focus on his family.

The second choice was a little-known retired Formula 3000 driver named Christian Horner. At just 32 years old, Horner became the youngest team manager in Formula 1 history.


Firm steps in F1

Their first season they hired David Coulthard and Christian Klein as their pilots. The cars used Cosworth engines inherited from the Jaguar team and despite their best effort, RBR finished seventh in the constructors’ championship.

However, for 2007 and using Renault engines, RBR managed to reach fifth place in the championship. However, the big change at came in 2009, when they promoted Sebastian Vettel from Toro Rosso to the big team.

From 2010 to 2013, Red Bull won four drivers’ and constructors’ championships in a row, proving that in only 5 years they managed to make their team the highest reference in F1.


The last years

Red Bull Racing signed the mexican pilot Sergio Perez for the 2021 season and, in the company of Max Verstappen, they put up a strong battle for the constructors’ championship last year. In the end, Mercedes-AMG took that accolade, but Max managed to beat Lewis Hamilton in one of the most exciting season finale in F1 history.

They are currently leading the 2022 season with 235 points, just 36 points above second place Ferrari. So much Sergio Perez as Max Verstappen They have been rated as the best driver duo by various specialists and it is expected that they can achieve the constructors’ championship this season.