“I get a heart attack if I watch football, don’t let me go!”

SHARE TWEET WHATSAPP E-mail The president of UD Logroñés, Félix Revuelta, has sent a clear message to the squad: “Let them be men and let t

The president of UD Logroñés, Félix Revuelta, has sent a clear message to the squad: “Let them be men and let them win! What to win and nothing else. We have an opportunity and we cannot lose it. Let’s see if we win all four games; if we win three, it can also be possible. The team was working well, we’ve had six injuries and the whole scheme has been broken. We have had to summon players from the subsidiary and it has also beheaded us.

Revuelta has confessed that he will return to Logroño on the day of the derby against SD Logroñés (May 15), but he will not attend the game: «It gives me a heart attack if I see him, I am 75 years old now; Don’t let me go to football if you want it to last a long time.” And it is that UD Logroñés is a team not suitable for the faint of heart.

At this point in the season, the red and whites are sixth with 53 points, two below the promotion playoff. But they depend on themselves. Forced by the sporting situation, the entity decided to replace Mere Hermoso with Albert Aguilá four days ago: «I keep the coaches as long as the team is with them. I have a couple of trustworthy players, I contact them and when they told me that the team no longer believed in the coach, then he had to be changed.

He has also compared the situation of Hermoso with the one Sergio Rodríguez experienced in the Second Division: «The team was with Sergio, he was not going to put in a new man, how many teams have been relegated by changing the coach two or three times? I am not a friend of changes, it is important to choose the coach well and I am clear that you have to choose people from the house. Looking even further into the past and self-confidence, he has spoken about another former coach. «Do you remember Berges, who came from Córdoba? My goodness… it’s just that zones are zones, an Andalusian comes here and sees things differently».

And moving on to the present, he has underlined the work of Albert Aguilá as positive: «I see it well, the team is motivated, the people appreciate him and the circumstances are what he has found: an unmotivated team and he had to motivate them. He has had bad luck, the starting goalkeeper (Serantes) is injured and I trust that he will be here in two games; he is the best in the division. We have to fight with all the inconveniences, here we are also going to have to fight with the City Council to see if it approves the procedures ».

Objective: recover the team-fan connection

Later, Revuelta addressed the stands: «I didn’t really like the behavior of the fans on Club Day, I don’t know what happened in that disconnection between the board and the fans. It was a day that you have to support the club, and you have to support it. One Club day is done by all the teams, some up to twice. There was a bit of a strike and that can never be: the club must always be encouraged. As Liverpool say, you never walk alone. We have to copy him, the team can never be alone.

For this reason, he expects Las Gaunas to be a hive against Zamora this Sunday (5:00 p.m.): “We all have to be there, since I can’t be there (due to nerves); let them go Let everyone come to cheer, I think the club has done things. If the heat of the hobby does not exist, turn off and let’s go. Yesterday the Real Madrid match was won by the fans. That’s what Madrid does, fight until the last minute and not give up. Let’s see if we learn a little.”

The club works to reach the promotion playoff, for which it depends on itself: “I think we have a great team” And if it doesn’t? “I am not talking about failures, it is a path that must be traveled. We have been fighting for many years, always at the gates and one year we succeeded. The following year due to circumstances (pandemic), we went down. The path of football is this, there will be years of glory and others that are not. It’s football.”