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I have seen Mexican soccer since I was a child

This afternoon he arrived in Mexico City, Gonzalo Carneironew reinforcement of for the tournament .

Blue Cross He already has his second reinforcement for this contest, it is the Uruguayan Gonzalo Carneirocoming from Liverpool of Uruguay.

Carneiro will become the second reinforcement of Blue Cross. Join the Argentine Charles Rotondiwho came from Defense and Justice of Argentina.

The South American will carry out medical tests this Sunday and later his hiring as a celestial reinforcement will be made official.

“Very happy to arrive at an institution as important as Blue Cross and I arrive with many desires to contribute to the team”, he said upon his arrival at the International Airport of Mexico City.

Gonzalo Carneiro, reinforcement of La Maquina, says he knows Liga MX

Gonzalo Carneironew reinforcement of Blue Crossassured upon his arrival in Mexico that he knows the .

“Mexican soccer is something I’ve seen since I was a child and as I grew up I’ve had many friends here. It’s an intense, dynamic soccer, where several star players from Europe and America have played and it’s a pleasure to be here,” said the Uruguayan.

He does not deny that there were more offers for him; however, he commented that there was a verbal agreement with Blue Cross and it was hard to tell them no.

“It was not difficult because at first when Cruz Azul appeared, the family decision to come here, an important institution, was almost unanimous. Later other options arose, but this was already agreed upon in words,” he told the media.

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