“I thought it wasn’t good enough …”

Published: Monday, 04 October, 2021 21:17

“When those feelings build up during the season … it can start to hurt you.” Lando Norris has opened up about the “depression” he suffered in his early years in Formula 1.

The reason was the “pressure” that young drivers always suffer in F1. “I thought: ‘If this goes wrong, if I don’t go out in the next session and I can perform, what’s going to happen?'” He said on ‘This Morning’ on ITV.

“I guess people, since they only watch television, they don’t realize a lot of things a pilot goes through. And it’s a bit embarrassing, but now there are more shows, series and documentaries where you can see what it’s like. the driver behind the scenes and the amount of pressure and stress they have to deal with, “details the McLaren.

“Especially at my age, when I came to Formula 1 when I was 19 years old, and suddenly there are a lot of eyes on you. So dealing with all that kind of thing took its toll on me. And I was thinking: ‘If this goes wrong, if not I go out in the next session and manage to perform, what will happen? What will be the result of all this? Will I be in Formula 1 next year? And if not, what will I do? Because I am not very good at many other things in life, “says the Briton.

He confesses that all those thoughts led him to “be depressed most of the time”: “If I had a bad weekend, I thought it was not good enough and things like that. When they start to pile up during the season … and then there’s social media, and it can really start to hurt you. “

In addition, Norris has revealed how he left those thoughts behind: “So speaking with McLaren, speaking with the people around me and with my friends that I trust, I am in a much better position now. I am much happier and I can enjoy everything. what I do”.