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I will never say that I am the best Mexican boxer in history: Canelo

What did Caelo Álvarez say?

In an interview with ‘Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer’, Álvarez affirmed that he does not deserve to be called the best Mexican boxer in history, because beyond what he can achieve against Plant, he works to improve himself, not to obtain a nickname , so it does not want to generate controversy around that item.

“No, I don’t want to say that. I’m doing my thing, my story Other fighters make their history. I don’t want to compare myself to other boxers, I just want to be me, my story; the history of Canelo. Everyone has had their history, “confessed the fighter from Guadalajara.

Canelo Álvarez could be the first Mexican to unify the titles of the four boxing organizations; CMB, OMB, FIB and AMB. There has never been a Mexican universal champion and Saúl could be the first, however he does not want to anticipate anything.

Be careful, boxers like Sugar Ramos, Rubén ‘Puas’ Olivares, Chucho Castillo, Rafael Herrera and Vicente Saldívar were unified champions but with the difference that in their time only the WBC and WBA existed, so Canelo would be a little more outstanding.

Canelo Álvarez will face Caleb Plant on November 6 of this year for the last title of the super middleweight division that the Mexican needs, so he has an appointment with history to engrave his name in gold letters .

After the fight against Caleb Plant, Canelo Álvarez does not know who could be measured, because he will rest for a while and then decide. “We have this short-term goal of unifying those belts and then we don’t know. We want to rest a little and then we will see, but I want to make the best fights, “he said.


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