Iago Kiladze, the boxer who got mad at the referee for stopping the fight and hit him

A reprehensible reaction starred the Georgian boxer Iago Kiladze during the fight against the Ukrainian Viktor faust at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, by hitting the referee on duty for stopping the fight that, in his discretion, could continue.

During one of the fights leading up to the great clash between Charles martin and Victor Ortiz, and the broadcast video shows that the hit that Kiladze tip the referee Samuel Burgos it was not violent. However, what matters here is the intention and the lousy image that boxing leaves to the world.

“You can not do this. That is going to cost him money, you cannot do that, you cannot get violent with the referee ”, one of the commentators of the contest is heard saying, expressing her rejection of the actions of Kiladze, 35 years old and with 34 presentations in his professional career.

Burgos He chose to stop the fight after the Georgian fighter’s third fall in just two rounds, which caused the generalized boo of the spectators present in the enclosure.

Finally, the evening ended and the victory was in the hands of Faust, who at 29 has already accumulated nine wins in the same number of fights.

As for the stellar combat, the experienced Cuban boxer Luis Ortíz claimed a huge victory over the American Charles martin, whom he unceremoniously knocked out in the sixth round after starring in a heads-up that will be remembered for a long time.

“King Kong” Ortíz He recovered from two initial falls and, by means of an accurate left blow, sent to the canvas Martin and he returned to celebrate above a ring at 42 years old.