“If everything is under control, you are not going fast enough”

The Jeddah circuit has shown not to forgive a single mistake and the Spanish rider was one of the victims, failing to pass the cut of th

“If everything is under control, you are not going fast enough”

The Jeddah circuit has shown not to forgive a single mistake and the Spanish rider was one of the victims, failing to pass the cut of the top ten in qualifying for two track starts. The omens we announced yesterday about what could happen today in Jeddah were fulfilled for better and for worse. On the positive side we saw a Carlos Sainz devilishly fast with his Ferrari, with the ability to interfere with the best, On the bad side, fears were confirmed about the razor’s edge that you have to walk on this circuit to get a good lap. The feeling of danger at times is creepy.

Carlos Sainz could not materialize his potential in the final stages of qualifying

It’s easy to talk about piloting errors, but perhaps on this circuit more than at any other of the season the famous quote from Mario andretti that alluded to that if everything is under control stratospheric chronos never come out. It is also true that the eloquent phrase of the Italian-American champion made much more sense in his time, because then crossing the limits could pay dearly in the form of a serious or fatal accident.

Nowadays, the question of going off the track rarely exceeds anecdote and most of the time it is summed up in a excursion through the asphalt escape. But the circuit of Jeddah, despite their triple barriers from TEC-Pro lining the concrete walls, it has shown to bite fiercely and in what way. On a high-speed track punctuated by high-speed blind corners, the line between success and catastrophe is extremely fine and requires equal parts courage and precision.

To continue with the appointments of legendary drivers, getting a good lap on the Saudi track requires what he said Juan Manuel Fangio on the art of being the best: “If you go one tenth slower, you go slow and if you go one tenth faster than you should, you crash.” This is just what happened to Carlos Sainz, which after an impressive lap in the first phase of the classification, twice crossed that threshold of the tenth of more and paid dearly, being unable to enter the final phase of the classification with the top ten.

A failure that could have cost dear

And it could have been much worse, because especially on the first of the occasions that she exceeded the limits of physics, the monumental slap that could have been given saved her by the hair. He remembered a lot the impressive accident that his teammate Charles Leclerc suffered in free practice, perhaps as a result of the unpleasant experience, today he progressed flawlessly to an excellent final fourth place on the grid.

This is how an upset Carlos Sainz expressed himself as soon as he got out of his car: “It was a bit of a shame because he came from very solid free practice and having ridden very hard also in the first phase of qualifying. Suddenly, this friction in the middle of turn 11 cost me qualifying, because in the end it meant touching the wall with the side of the rear wing Even if I didn’t feel it, when I looked in the rearview mirror it was completely bent. So the rear was not giving the grip it should be. ”

The Spanish driver acknowledged that he was surprised by that whiplash of the car on that curve and that he will have to study thoroughly to evaluate whether he should have done things differently at that point on the circuit, because normally he was always taking it thoroughly and for some reason it was behind at that point in qualifying. However, he does not believe that despite the setback his confidence with the car and his driving to go to the limit again in the race will suffer: “The truth – Carlos stressed – is that even with the rear wing bent as it was, it was doing a very good lap until it finished breaking. So the confidence was there, it was there throughout the weekend, even in the last races, but hey, it’s a bump in the road, but hey we continue with our confidence at full throttle. ”

With car and rhythm for the race

Charles Leclerc, Carlos’s teammate acknowledged, however, that it was difficult for him to regain confidence after the tremendous accident he suffered, but confirmed that Ferraris are doing superbly well on the Jeddah circuit: “If we overcome the pitfall of the start funnel, I think we will have the pace to stay behind the title contenders. I think we have nothing to envy them in terms of race pace.”

All is not lost therefore for Carlos Sainz, as there is a car and there is driving to scratch at high altitude in Jeddah during the race. As his teammate says, you have to survive the first corner and even if he didn’t mention it, also survive the very probable blows that occur during the first round. The appearance of the safety-cars during the race should not be ruled out either, as seen from what was seen on Saturday during practice, the possibility of accidents is highly likely. Starting with medium tires and a good strategy, a great result cannot be ruled out despite the inconveniences suffered today.